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Feb 24, 2010 05:55 AM

Last Restaurant Standing final episode (spoiler alert!)

JJ and James must be good business people to have made their bar succesful, but I'm shocked that they won out over Chris and Nathan. Both teams had room for improvement, but from where I was sitting Chris and Nathan improved more than JJ & James (I can count on one hand the number of dishes JJ actually made, and a good number of those failed). I'm sure a lot of information ended up on the cutting room floor, but I figured Raymond would have some say in the message that is portrayed... and I think this decision ends up looking like it came out of left field.

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  1. They went with sizzle over steak. There were far more skilled cooks/chefs in the bunch. And if Raymond was truly looking for a passionate individual who could be trained then I'm not sure JJ was all that much different than the clueless mother/daughter team who were canned first.

    1. I think Sarah summed it up in the final discussion; JJ and James know how to run a business. While the concept of the show is to hire on people who can run a kitchen and front of house, they saw potential with JJ's palate and James FOH skills. They felt that team had the best growth potential and made their decision based on that.

      Personally, I did not like JJ and James as much as some other teams but it's not my show. I agree there is a lot left on the cutting room floor but I still love this show!

      1. Our earlier thread - when the programme was running in the UK.

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          Thanks Harters. I remember when you started posting and had to restrain myself at that time. Of course, now I just haven't gotten around to reading it. I was delayed in watching the program (yeah TiVO!) and this year really wasn't the same as prior years.

          Lively discussion on that show board! I got through a few pages before calling it quits. Very strong opinions out there.

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            Blanc is currently redeeming himself with a "proper" cooking series on BBC2. So far, he's done one programme on chocolate and one on fish - all with the idea that you can do these dishes at home (and, yes, a reasonable home cook would be able to make an good effort). Hope you get this one on your side of the pond.

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              I'll keep my eyes peeled for this one. I enjoyed seeing him work throughout the series so it will be great to watch him in a full episode. No sense in asking you the name of the series since they'd probably change it any way!

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                It's showing here as "Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets".

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            Thanks for the referral. In the UK thread there is a link to a message board where someone who was a contstant wrote "As some have said, this does resemble more of a "Dragons Den" approach instead of cooking/foh idea that has been the case for series 1 & 2." I couldn't agree more.

          3. my husband and i were shocked at the pick of JJ and James. we couldn't believe they even made it past the first few rounds. We both thought the husband and wife team would have been a better choice for the final. But clearly something has been lost in the editing. i hope! Yes, they thought on their feet in the final, but they didn't deliver what the client wanted. I would think Raymond would take points off for that. JJ couldn't even cook risotto or follow a souffle recipe!

            1. Based on what I saw I also thought that the husband and wife team would have been a good choice. By all accounts he was a good chef who continually stepped up his game, and she was very good at running front of house. Granted there were some confidence issues to over come but certainly they would to be easier to deal with that hireling a chef who can’t and or/refuses to cook! He took style or substance.

              James and JJ were lucky to have made it past the first few weeks never mind winning the whole thing.

              The series this time around seemed to have a very shallow talent pool. Many contestants would have been more at home on FN’s The Next Food Network Star or even The Worst Cooks show.