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Feb 24, 2010 05:19 AM

Five Guys Burgers

Does anybody else here think their burgers are hugely overrated? 4 years ago I was working in Va and my co-workers were raving about 5 Guys. Being a burger fan I had to check it out. Good fries, but I found the burgers to be unimpressive.

Fast forward to today, 5 Guys has been expanding in NJ. They opened one near my place of employment and again my co-workers were going crazy for their burgers. Nearly every day it seems that some of them head over there for lunch.

I also noticed a thread here where someone called their burgers the best in Bergen County.

Thinking maybe I misjudged their burgers years ago, I tried them again yesterday. First thing I noticed was that the cooks had a press that they used on the burgers while they were cooking. Anybody who knows anything about making burgers knows you don't press the burgers while cooking them because you squeeze out the juices and get a dried out burger.

Again I was unimpressed by a dry burger that reminds me of something I'd get at Wendys. What am I missing here? Fries were good though.

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  1. I first went to Five Guys at the urging of some instructors while I was attending a fuels quality control course for the USAF at Fort Lee, VA. They raved about Five Guys, so we went and checked it out for lunch one day in Midlothian, VA.

    I thought it was a decent burger, and I think we ate there 2 or 3 times over the 4 week course. Not a bad place, but not a great place either.

    When I was working at Fort Monmouth, I visited 5 Guys a couple of times as they put one in Eatontown or Red Bank. I forget what town it actually is, but it's pretty close to the Fort. I visited the 5 Guys a few months ago near Moorestown Mall, and it is what it is. Not a bad burger, but also not a burger I would go out of my way for. For the money, I'd rahter go to Rossi's in Trenton....and it's a lot closer too! -mJ

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      I work in Shrewsbury and I know the Five Guys you talked about, I think it is considered geographically in Shrewsbury. Anyway, I agree that it is a decent burger but I am not particular impressed and I will not go out of my way to get it at all! The only reason I was there the other time was my colleague wanted to try it out when it first opened. All I could remember was we waited for a long time for the burgers!!!!

    2. Just a better version of fast food, which explains the hype. Gives people who've given up on McDonalds or Bk a chance to eat it again and feel slightly superior and less guilty. Take any junk food and gussy it up, and there's a mint to be made.

      1. It's a fraud-first they tout they have great meat, ground daily. Then they won't cook it anything below hockey puck doneness. And they press the heck out of it. And they're slow! And they insist on slicing the hot dogs-why? Even upon request they refuse to not do that. Corporate policy this, corporate policy that. If they can't do it 'my way' I won't go, and I haven't after giving them two tries. Good fries though.

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          I think the fries are OK, but always too greasy. I also think that their corporate policy of dumping the silver tin of fries on top of the fries already in the container in the bag is a bit ridiculous.

          The one thing however I do find intriguing in how they have the sign with where the potatoes are from that day. That is interesting to me, and always the first thing I look for. Not that I could tell the difference from a potatoe from Boise -vs- a potatoe from Austin, CO. -mJ

        2. Five Guys Hamburger is really not that good, but their fries right out of the oil are pretty good in my opinion. Besides the fact their burgers are sold only well done, you are paying for the toppings, whether you have them or not. A single burger is too small and a double, their regular size, is silly when you consider the fact you have a bun that doesn't hold the burgers and any toppings you decide on.....couple this with the fact the bun is gummy, it's really a mess to eat (in a bad way). Everything shoots out from under the bun. I just don't find what the attraction is. According to company specifications, the single burger is 3.3 ounces, so the double therefore is 6.6 ounces. When considering quality and value, it's fair at best. I would rather have a double burger at White Manna.

          1. I think it depends on what you are comparing it to. Five Guys is a fast food burger, and I think it's great when you compare it to others in its class. The first time I had one I wasn't knocked out, but over time they have really grown on me. I also like that they give me the toppings I like in the quantity that I like, and that it's piping hot when I eat it. I rarely order the fries because I'm usually alone when I eat there and burger plus fries is a ridiculous amount of food for one person. I wish they sold fries in a kiddy portion.