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Feb 23, 2010 11:05 PM

Crab feed urgency!

I am die-hard Dungeness crab lover, and also a cook, which means I've never been able to attend a crab feed in the last decade- they all fall on the weekends. Suddenly my days off have changed to Thursday and Friday. Does anyone have a lead to a good crab feed within an hour or two of Berkeley? MUCHO obliged!! xoxyum yum crab, amanda

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  1. If you know any members of the City Club, they could host you at theirs on March 4th, which is a Thursday.

    1. In Alameda JP Seafood supplies the crab for a lot of crab feeds. Most of them already happened this year, but if I were you I would call them and ask if they're supplying any more this year. They are super friendly and will be happy to help if they can.

      1. There's one in Mill Valley on 2/27 (sadly a Sat) -- maybe you sneak out for an hour or three to indulge? I believe all crab feeds are on weekends...

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