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Feb 23, 2010 08:47 PM

Recommend me a seafood restaurant in the Tampa/St. Pete area

My friend and I were looking for a seafood restaurant in the Tampa-St. Pete area (we go to University of Tampa so around that area would be even more helpful). Our budget is around the $$ range so probably not past $30.

So far we've been looking at Crab Shack on Gandy in St. Pete and the Colonnade on Bayshore. Also, we're going more for seafood that isn't fried, so more of a grilled, broiled, etc preparation.

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  1. skip colonnade. crab shack is ok. if you feel like pony-ing up the dough head over to oystercatchers at the hyatt in tampa or also hula bay club was pretty good and wasn't atrociously expensive. that's just south of gandy off westshore.

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      Oystercatchers seems nice, although it sort of feels weird going to a hotel to eat. We've also been checking out Hula Bay Club...I'm like the atmosphere. How much of a serving would you say their seafood dinner items are?

      Are there any other seafood places you guys would recommend? I'm open to suggestions from St. Pete too.

    2. Flamestone Grill in Oldsmar serves fresh grilled fish. I had a beautiful piece of mahi on Valentines Day for 15.00. I like that you can pick a 6 or 8 ounce portion.

      1. Middle Grounds Grill on Treasure Island has some of the best seafood in Tampa Bay (imaginative specials, amazingly fresh fish).
        Help out your budget by going on Wednesday night when all of their wines are 1/2 off.

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          Mid-Peninsula Seafood in St Pete is a reliable spot for fresh, delicious, less-expensive seafood. It's not at all fancy, but the atmosphere is funky and fun.

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            Can anyone recommend any places closer to the Tampa area? Hula Bay Club seems pretty good, any other recommendations?

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            i second the middle grounds grill. stone crab was to die for!

          3. i would add salt rock grill in pinellas. Mid peninsular is solid.

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              Salt Rock Grille and Island Way Grille are also both great (although the service has been hit or miss for me as of late).

              Always loved the brunch at Island Way, but I've still not had a more impressive brunch than I have at the OC. :)

            2. After seeing the movie Lincoln yesterday we headed over to Mid-Peninsular Seafood on 49th St in Gulfport for dinner and we weren't disappointed. We each had a combo of fried grouper and shrimp in a basket with hush puppies and cole slaw and everything was very, very good. The grouper and shrimp were fresh and the breading didn't overwhelm the taste of the fish and shrimp. The staff was warm and friendly and the decor is decidedly old Florida. Nothing fancy or upscale here....just good food in a comfortable atmosphere.