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Feb 23, 2010 08:38 PM

Cafe Atlantico Saturday Brunch

I've seen a lot of praise for the Sunday CA brunch, but does anyone have experience with the Saturday brunch? We are leaving early Sunday, so that one is not an option for us. Is the Saturday brunch worth it?

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  1. No relation between the Saturday and Sunday brunches.

    I prefer the brunch at Againn to the Saturday brunch at Cafe Atlantico.

    1. I actually really like the Saturday brunch. It isn't the dim sum brunch, but I think they have some really good things. I like the guacamole and the Benedicto with the sous vide poached egg and the pupusas. I think that is a great dish. I also think they have great brunch beverages. But I really like a lot of the Saturday brunch menu and once you have had the dim sum brunch a couple times, I like the Saturday brunch better.

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        they make a great pineapple caipirinha!

      2. Thanks guys, sounds great. I knew the menus for the two were totally different, but sounds like it is going to a great time. Between there and Obelisk, I think we are going to have at least two outstanding meals.