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Feb 23, 2010 08:01 PM

Adding flavor elements to couscous

I am diabetic and found a source for whole wheat couscous. I watch the Food Network some and see them add things like cilantro and toasted pine nuts to their couscous dish. What are some other additive combinations that you use? Since I should not eat white potatoes anymore, I'd really like a variety of couscous dishes to serve. TIA, Molly

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  1. I add sliced green onions, minced Italian-flat-leaf parsley, small dice of peeled/seeded cucumbers, canned-diced well drained fire roasted tomatoes, toss with a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. I sometimes add some diced leftover chicken, sometimes use homemade chicken broth as part of the liquid used for the couscous. Hope you get a lot of good ideas; enjoy your couscous.

    1. I like adding garlic (I love it, so more is better), finely chopped basil, and olive oil. Grate in a little Parmesan if you'd like. I usually toss in a vegetable, either broccoli or spinach.

      I use this as a base and it works with various proteins. I use tuna (if using tuna in olive oil, skip/reduce any oil when cooking), chicken, or my favorite - garbanzo beans.

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        Diced roasted vegetables like zuchini or eggplant.

      2. crumbled feta and chopped kalamata olives

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          Add grilled or broiled cherry tomatoes (even lame winter ones) to this and it's extra good.

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            WOW....nice call
            I broiled some cherry tomatoes and made some Couscous tonight after seeing this post this morning.

        2. We own this book:

          Might be worth your getting or getting from your local library - chock-full of ideas!

          Couscous is so versatile that I think you should think about subbing it anywhere you'd use white rice/noodles/etc. So think of flavors that appeal and then add those. Are dried fruits off limits? Small amts. chopped, with nuts and scallions and a little olive oil and s&p is very good. Also try jazzing things up with flavored vinegars - very low sugar, high flavor (I'm digging fig vinegar right now).

          Good luck!


          1. I like scallions, pine nuts, and golden raisins.

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              I add the above plus cooked petit peas and chopped carrot and a dressing of olive oil, OJ and curry powder.