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Feb 23, 2010 07:51 PM

Anything worthwhile West of 307 in PDC?

Hi folks,
Its been a few years since we've been to Playa - looking forward to wandering through Chedraui, eating tortas in the morning next to the zocolo (washed down with a coke in a glass bottle), crab soup at La Bomba Jarocha, and corn on the cob from a push cart (chile y limon).
I'm wondering if theres any chowish places on the other side of the highway. Not Alux, but local eateries - anything from grilled chicken, comidas economicas, or more pushcarts. I'll be driving around, having a gander myself, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. On many mornings there is a cart selling tortas de lechon on the side street 1 block south of Constituentes off 307 on the west side. (Around the corner just south of Covi). The other great lechon cart is under the blue tarp at 30th ave and 30th st. Whole suckling pigs last just a few hours at both locations.
    The food at Alux on west Juarez is not remarkable, but the cave is one of the most incredible natural attractions in the Yucatan and well worth a drink and an appetizer. Nearly every other cave (cenote) in the region is at a lower elevation and was flooded long ago by salt and sweet water, and makes for world class cave diving. Sometimes I enjoy a drink underground without a regulator.

    1. If you remember Tacos Israel/Tacos Arabe in Playa, that closed a few years ago, with fondness, give this link a try.
      Pictures and detailed driving instructions to the taco tent.

      1. Thanks for the replies, huck & Ron.
        Whenever visiting the area with friends or family I make a stop at Alux. Just for drinks and a walk around. I love seeing their faces of wonder, but the humidity is overwhelming for me - I can't imagine a long meal there. Yes, Cenotes are magical. I first snorkelled as many as I could in the late 80's and they are the single largest reason I seeked scuba certification.
        Israel Tacos looks like a must-try!