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Feb 23, 2010 07:38 PM

St Barts for a week

Going to be in St Barts from april 17 til the 24, never been and need recs for almost just about everything. I know search is my friend but would like some feedback thanks. best breakfast, lunch, bar off the beaten track, best sushi, brunch, scene, special occasion dinner, cant miss dinner,local favorite, need everything you guys got thats worth going to, thanks again.

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  1. Just got back from St. Barth yesterday after a ten day trip. Here's a start on some of your questions:

    Breakfast -- La Creperie (opens at 10 a.m.)
    Le Repaire (not sure when it opens)
    La Cantina (opens at 8 a.m.

    Lunch -- Harbour's Saladerie
    Wall House
    Santa Fe
    Sand Bar

    Dinner -- L 'Isola
    Le Gaiac
    On the Rocks

    Sushi -- Baz Bar
    Nikki Beach
    Le Tamarin

    Scene -- Nikki Beach

    Special Occasion Dinner -- Le Gaiac
    On the Rocks

    Can't Miss Dinner -- Andy's Hideaway (casual)

    Local Favorite -- L 'Entr 'act
    Le Piment

    Bar Off the Beaten Track -- the track is pretty well beaten -- this is an 8 square mile island --
    but try Do Brasil or Route de Boucaniers

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Dick Davis

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      Great suggestions are some more:

      For breakfast don't miss Petit Colombe bakery, several locations with amazing pastry and good lunch items for beach picnics.

      A classic/don't miss lunch is a "cheeseburger in Paradise" at Le Select. The food is just OK but the atmosphere is fun.

      Do Brasil has a great lunch and is on Shell Beach

      Eddy's for French/Asian and Pirpiri Palace for classic French and BBQ are our two favorites for dinner on the island. They are both locally owned places.

      Off the beaten path I would recommend Wishing Well (Chez Rolande) in Flammands for Creole. Cash only.

      Even though the island is small you will NOT go hungry for good food!

      1. re: mb luvs SBH

        headed down there in april as well. it has been a few years but i would say wallhouse for dinner instead of lunch. it is without a doubt my favorite restaurant of anywhere. wishing well is a great lunch and l'esprit saline good for dinner. understand that its pricey in st barth and you may wish to go to rotisserie in st. jean and pick up a baguette some salads, cheese and a bottle of wine and just head back to your domicile for a homey lunch or dinner for a break either for lunch or dinner.
        i cannot recommend le gaic. very $$$$ and not worth it. do brasil is very cool.

        1. re: poppy

          Hi Beer4Breakfast and Poppy-

          I LOVE St. Barth's! it's one of our favorite places for R&R. We loved it so much that we got married there. It's a very special place. We were just there a few weeks ago. The food, the people, the island.... amazing. I completely agree with Poppy's suggestion on L'Esprit Salines... It's now one of our new go-tos. I think it's a top pick for the locals as well. Also, be certain to have cocktails at Le Sereno.I just wrote an article on some of my faves there. I hope it helps:


          1. re: ChristineBerenger

            Thanks for all the recs, will let you know how it goes.