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Feb 23, 2010 07:32 PM

Short rib grilled cheese - 8 oz or Joan's on Third?

So I have heard awesome things about the short rib grilled cheese at 8 oz burger bar - formerly Table 8. BUT I just heard about the one at Joan's on Third - anyone have any experience with either one of them and can recommend which one to try?

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  1. 8 Oz is a standby favorite. I haven't had Joan's but Foundry down the street from 8 Oz is pretty lovely. I'm not a fan of raisin bread but for some reason, it totally makes this sandwich.

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      I concur on The Foundry. Their stuff is really good, and the short rib grilled cheese is no exception.

    2. 8 oz's is good, but not as good as when it was Table 8. Back then it was smaller and only available on the bar menu. Didn't scale up quite as well as the rest of the place scaled down.

      Joan's is okay but feels less like a grilled cheese and more like a sandwich on grilled bread (as billed). And their Pulled Pork sandwich is way better.

      So between the two, I'd vote for 8 oz. And a Pulled Pork at Joan's for dessert.