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Feb 23, 2010 07:00 PM

Mysterious dumplings at Chinatown Food Market (Grand/Elizabeth)

So I went to grab a pack of dumplings - King Fong "Triple Delight" - out of the refrigerated case at CFM, and I almost put it in my cart when I noticed one of them was moldy. So I go to grab another pack - and inside there are two dumplings (out of two dozen or so) that are covered in some kind of black fuzz. So I rifle through the packs, and every single package has exactly two dumplings like that.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out it was some kinda shredded seaweed (I think) and not mold. So I picked up a pack. I guess my question is - why? Is there some meaning/reason behind this? Why not roll them all in seaweed? Or half of them? Why just two out of two dozen?

Just curious if anyone's seen this before. I know my dumplings pretty well, and it's new to me.

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  1. the rest of the dumplings look funky too; what kind are those? looks like macaroons or something.

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