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Feb 23, 2010 05:24 PM

Tried and true toaster-oven safe bakeware

I just inherited a Delonghi convection toaster oven, and would love to start using it instead of our oven for smaller amounts of food. Having acquired it already used, it did not come with a baking sheet. Does anyone have suggestions about which brands work well in a small-ish convection toaster oven? I'm okay with any type of material except aluminum or non-stick.


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  1. You don't say which DeLonghi oven you have - there are 4-slice and 6-slice models - or what size ovenware you're looking for. But here goes anyway.

    I've been trying to find a baking sheet the right size for a larger (6-slice) toaster oven, not DeLonghi but Krups, which can take up to 10" x 10". No luck so far, regardless of material.

    What I did get is Nordic Ware's 5-piece toaster oven set - baking sheet, casserole pan, broiler (rack that fits in the baking sheet), and muffin pan with lid - which is 7" x 10", designed for conventional toaster ovens. Its bronze-colored surface is described as a nonstick coating, and I'm sure is aluminum under the coating. used the sheet and pan a few times and no problems.

    Also got 2" deep 8.5" x 10.5" baking pans by Gourmetware (metal, nonstick) and Anchor Hocking (oven-safe glass). Used the Gourmetware pan once, no problems; haven't yet used the Anchor.

    If you can use ovenware in the standard toaster oven size of 7" x 10", you have a number of choices, though you may not find many or any that are neither aluminum or nonstick. If your toaster oven is the larger kind, and you find larger ovenware to go with it, please let us know!

    Or you could just contact DeLonghi and ask if they will sell you replacement part(s) for the model of toaster oven you have - a bake pan and broil tray:

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      Thanks for the reply.
      It can't hold a 12" pizza, so I'm guessing it's the 4-slice convection toaster oven. I can lay a regular sheet of paper in there, and it fits perfectly on the rack with a little room between the edges of the paper, and the walls of the oven.

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        Have a look here, then, and see if you can find what you want:

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          Thank you. BTW, have you tried silicon bakeware at all? I'm curious how it would effect the texture of the outsides of certain foods (like cookies and muffins) and also if it would be safe for a toaster oven.

          I actually tried an anchor glass baking pan in the toaster oven yesterday. It didn't break, but the banana bread turned out very dry (I even reduced the baking time by quite a bit). I'll have to download the manual to help tweak bake times.

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            I don't know whether there is any silicon bakeware in toaster oven sizes, and I don't know what the nonstick surface is in the pieces I have found. Just trying them and seeing how the food comes out. Which hasn't included baking bread etc., not yet.

            So I'm out of my depth here, but a couple of thoughts. Glass may not be the best material for baking as it allows much of the radiant heat from the lower elements to get to the bread directly. Metal would reflect more of it. Also, you could humidify the oven with some water in a shallow pan on the bottom rack if your toaster oven's design allows. The baking sheet in the Nordic Ware cookware set is 1" deep and could be used that way.

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              This thread is old and I'm here after having an Anchor Glass baking pan explode in my large B&D toaster oven. (It can cook 12" pizza). If you check online Anchor does not recommend use in toaster ovens.

      2. I use Staub enamel cast iron gratins and cocettes, small commercial sheet pans (ΒΌ and 1/8) sizes. I also got a baking stone from Fantes. Some of the toaster/convection ovens don't recommend using aluminum bakeware in their _ I think it was the Breville that had that in their user manual.

        1. I use individual silicone muffin cups in mine. No problems so far with texture or with damaging the cups.