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Feb 23, 2010 05:14 PM

My favorite steakhouse cuts

As always, more stuff on the blog: http://ramblingsandgamblings.blogspot...

There are a lot of really good steakhouses in NYC. I have many favorites, because many of these steakhouses tend to each have a unique signature cut. Below are some of my favorites listed with the signature cut that I go there for and must-get extras that I've had (I might be missing some stuff though since I can't say I've sampled everything on the menus at these steakhouses).

Peter Luger (Brooklyn. Cab it


Signature cut: Porterhouse (I prefer the "for two" option)
Extras: creamed spinach, German fried potatoes, slab bacon, tomato and onion, schlag

Keens (36th St, 6th Ave)

Signature cut: Mutton chop, sizzling porterhouse
Extras: jumbo lump crab cocktail, indian pudding, hot fudge sundae

Prime House (27th St, Park Ave South)

Signature cut: 65 day dry aged ribeye
Extras: caesar salad with anchovies, slice of prime (7 layer fudge cake)

Strip House (12th St, University Place)

Signature cut: New York Strip
Extras: goose fat potatoes

Del Frisco's (49th St, 6th Ave)

Signature cut: Double eagle strip, bone-in ribeye
Extras: crabcakes

Morton's (46th St, 5th Ave)

Signature cut: Double cut filet mignon, double cut prime rib
Extras: shrimp Alexander

I would love to hear about the many other great steakhouses in NYC that I haven't mentioned above, but I'm really interested in the signature special cut, not just "I like steakhouse X, everything there is good".

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  1. I don't frequent steakhouses as I prefer doing them at home. However, I really like the Boned-in Filet at Morton's (46th and 5th) and which i will not hesitate to go back for.

    1. Thanks for the thread it's very useful! I hate going to a steak joint and ordering a 50 dollar piece of meat and ending up with a mediocre cut and lame side dish!

      Here's my additions: Note I only ate at these places once or twice so I'm no expert.

      Striphouse: Bone in rib eye (liked it a lot more than the strip)
      Extras: The corn pancetta there is bonkers! There clam chowder is also great. They have the best creamed spinach i've tried but it is not as good as the corn or chowder. (I did not try the goose fat potatoes but will do next time!, i had the potatoes romanoff instead it sounded great but just wasn't. It was dry in the middle the corners were good though)

      Ruth Chris (51st between bway and 7th ave i think) (i know chowhounders throw your cookbooks, but i've had two great meals there)
      T-bone, lamb chops, cowboy ribeye in that order
      Extras: Potatos lyonaise, Baked corn pudding, apple tart, creme brulee, and seafood gumbo in that order.

      Quality Meats
      There bone in ribeye and yorkshire spinach was just ok for me, i did not think it was that great. BUT i will say the donuts and ice cream and corn brulee are great extras.

      Smith and Wollensky
      My favorite cut here has actually been the sirloin followed by the cowboy ribeye and porterhouse. It's been over a year, so i don't remember if it was bone in but i do remember that i was surprised it tasted better than the cowboy ribeye and porterhouse.
      Extras: nothing really stood out for me from my two dinners here. I don't remember what I got...actually I remember a bad creamed spinach =(.

      Morton's (i've only been to the one in white plains once): I remember I liked the
      Strip more than the ribeye and the bone in filet. i don't remember any of the extras which isn't a good thing.

      Old homestead: i had their bone in ribeye and ny strip. and surprisingly i liked their strip better! None of the extras i had here were memorable. my stepdad loves steak, but he has heart problems and usually opts for leaner cuts while I'm constantly aiming for cuts where i can suck as much beef fat off the bone as possible. So i was pretty surprised from my few steak experiences when cuts like strips and sirloins kept winning out over ribeyes. But I will say the best steak i've had so far was the bone in ribeye at striphouse. Glad i finally got a place that brought out full flavor of the fatty good stuff.

      Btw i havent been to keens but im surprised u didnt mention the prime rib hash. maybe u didnt try it. but it sounds really awesome.

      Btw. ill say this again, i think ruth chris is good steak place. Most steak joints i've been too are really crowded and noisy making it difficult to have good service. But ruth chris was friendly, quiet, tasty and the service was great. If I had to choose a place to bring a date or my parents it would definitely be ruth chris.
      Thanks for starting this thread I'll definitely refer to it the next time I plan on going to a steak place. I'd like to see some of what the others say such as steak expert steakrules. lol he's probably pounding his computer screen with a bone in ribeye because of my ruth chris comments.
      But I've gotta hit up Keens and Peter Luger's before the years over.

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      1. re: daffyduck

        Prime rib hash with an over easy egg at Smith and Wollensky. I love the bone in Cajun Rib Eye as well. The Cheesecake there is unreal.

        1. re: princeofpork

          i dont remember seeing that side on the menu when i went. ill definately order the hash the next time im there

          1. re: daffyduck

            Its not a side, its an entree and its awesome.

            1. re: princeofpork

              oh, ok. thanks! yeah it certainly sounds awesome.

      2. Thanks for a really informative topic. Before I started eating in more upscale restaurants about 7 years ago I didn't realize that steakhouses had some cuts that were better than others. Also, some of the best steaks I have ever had have not been in steakhouses. My best steak ever was the Cote de Boeuf at Minetta Tavern.

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        1. re: ChemWork

          Bruni was also quite taken by the cote de boeuf at minetta if I remember correctly. My friend, who went with me to Prime House, still thinks the 50 day dry aged steak at Gotham Bar and Grill was the best steak he ever had.

        2. Was hoping for more feedback from the steak afficionados on this board, but maybe I can bump the thread with a review of Prime House when I went last week.

          As always, full review and photos on the blog: http://ramblingsandgamblings.blogspot...

          The Good:
          The classic caesar is expensive at $11, but after adding anchovies for $3, it's a nice way to start the meal. The dressing is prepared table-side for those who like those kinds of things.

          The so-so:
          The French onion soup, the creamed spinach, and the hash browns were all nowhere near the best versions I've had of those items.

          The ridiculously good:
          There is a reason the 65 day ribeye is one of my favorite cuts in NYC. Terrific flavor and cooked perfectly. Go look at the pic. That thing is huge. Not a lot of bone, and no pockets of inedible clumped fat. I wish more people would go give it a try.

          The slice of prime dessert, a slice of 7 layer fudge cake with a scoop of ice cream, is my vote for best steakhouse value in NYC. Not even the pics could do it justice. It was absolutely humongous, and a good tasty cake.

          I would expect that most regular people could just go and get the steak and cake and be completely full and happy.

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          1. re: fooder

            Generally I'm a ribeye guy and would never order a filet mignon, I just don't get the point and expense of that steak. I'd also rarely order a porterhouse as half of the steak is a tenderloin (see above for my feelings on that) and also I like my steaks rare, and find it hard to share steaks as most people I go out with don't like rare steaks.

            Mutton chop or prime rib.
            Other dishes - the steak tartare is pretty good. Sides haven't wowed me.

            BLT Prime
            Ribeye - I always order it without the herb butter cause a good steak doesn't need it. And it comes with a nice little marrow bone to boot. One time their blackboard special was a Wagyu flank steak which was amazing. Havent seen it since. Been meaning to try the Wagyu Top Cap steak (a roast made up of the outer portion of a ribeye - which is the best part in my opinion) but haven't had it so can't comment about it.
            Sides - I'm a late comer to their mashed potatoes which are so rich, smooth and creamy. And during the summer, they have this corn pudding thing with summer truffles and pancetta which is out of this world good.

            Strip House
            Strip steak. 2nd choice is prime rib if they have it. And get it with some uni butter.
            Sides - truffled creamed spinach is among my favorite version anywhere. I've never been wowed by the goose fat potatoes and thing they are more style than substance.

            At primehouse I didn't think the reserve steaks were worth the extra cost. I've had the extra aged ribeye and strip (not sure if its still available) and didn't think the flavor and aging stood out. The hanger steak on the other hand is really good
            Sides - Mac and cheese is great and so are the truffle fries.

            Mortons - Nothing. mediocre, mushy and expensive wet aged steak.

            Michael Jordans - burger at the bar during lunch and the mac and cheese. Steaks I've had really good and really bad there. But the burger is always a winner.

            Palm - believe it or not, but I think the best thing at the Palm are the lamb chops.

          2. Hey, good post. I agree with a lot of that. One note. I have 100% found over the years that the porterhouse cut at Lugers is better if you do steak for 3 or more, over steak for 2.

            We usually go one up, ie: get steak for 4 if we are three people. As I only eat there once a year or so, the gluttony is forgiven (by myself, to myself).