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Feb 23, 2010 05:05 PM

Need Help With Day Trips - Please

My wife and I would like to visit (again) New Orleans this spring. Since we'll be driving, we'll stay at the La Richelieu. We pretty well know where to eat in the city but since we'll have a car this time, I would like to make some side trips into the county. I wouldn't mind seeing St. Martinville since that's where Marcelle Bienvenu is from but our main hope is, of course, to sample some real local food. Are there any festivals in April or May that you could recommend? I read in a previous post of a crawfish festival. Is this the one In Breaux Bridge? I realize that Cajun country is vast and we won't be able to do it justice but a couple of day trips would be great. We could even stay overnight somewhere if it wasn't too expensive seeing that we would have to keep our room at La Richelieu also. The exact dates or length of stay are flexible.
Thanks for your help; Donna and I can't wait to get back down there and see if we can't undo what my cardiac surgeon just fixed!

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        I'd also check out Fred's Lounge on Sat. mornings and then the Eunice Theatre that evening. there's a lot to do between shows and many musicians will go to Savoy's to jam. you'll get plenty of recs from locals for food, and be sure to stop at gas stations and convenience stores for steaming boudin. for zydeco, head to Slim's Y-Ki-Ki.

      2. After checking out the festivals, I think it would be a better idea to avoid them. I'm not crazy about crowds. I've decided to visit St. Martin's Parish for a couple of days and just mosey around. Any suggestions of local places that would offer authentic cajun fare? Also would like to visit Laura plantation again since it's been restored. If I should drive, are there any recommend places in the area of the plantation!

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          You'll stumble across lots of places that serve basic cajun food and I have never had anything bad--I have had undistinguished beef stew in St MArtinville but it was nothing lethal. Cafe Vermillionvill in Lafayette has good turtle is a little upscale. There is the famous Yello Bowl in Jennings although I have not been there in over a year. Elsewhere on the board I recomended to another poster the crawfish place Hawk's, which is "in Rayne" (actually it is "out from" Rayne, north of the Interstate). Devotees of Hawk's are militant in the insistence that it is the best. The ride from St Martinville down to New Iberia is fun. Eveer since Le Rosiere changed hands I have had nowhere in New Iberia to recommend but you certainly should see Shadows-on-the-Teche. Also, you can try tons of different boudins at various gas stations.

        2. Hit up the zydeco breakfast on Saturday mornings at Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge.