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Feb 23, 2010 04:35 PM

Benchmark is open! (the cute brick house behind Loki in Park Slope)

So full disclosure, I haven't eaten there yet. Just went in for a different reason on business, and wow the menu looks so delicious.... steak steak steak, foie gras, duck confit, and all the typical foodie fixins. I can't wait to eat here. It looks super cute inside, only about 10 tables total.
Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Can you give more detail? Is it through the Loki back garden or down the block to 4th ave? Is it affiliated with Loki?

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      yeah it's owned by Loki. Go down 2nd Street and walk in through the metal gate that is the Loki backyard patio. Through there you'll see the brick house.

    2. Ate here over the weekend
      Great space - while the enterance off a side-street (2nd st) will hurt business I am sure it makes for a great approach, and the building has been really tastefully redone inside and out.

      The food was terrific - great bread, homemade butter; amazingly good salad and the two meat dishes were great. The Steak was definitely great, I'd say the 3rd best in Brooklyn 1. Lugars, 2. Convivium and 3 here...thats amazing company. Essentially everything was great and if they can keep it up, Id say this will be a tough reservation in a matter of weeks. Dessert was a bit weak however - creative bread pudding and all the ingredients were great - itjust didnt "work" all that great.
      Service - was friendly, prompt and amazingly professional.

      All in all....We have a winnah!

      1. Just passed by this place this morning. Seems like it might be a tough location.

        Wondering if others have tried it yet?

        1. The location wouldn't be such a negative if they would bother to promote themselves a little. Their website still doesn't have a menu or any information after being open almost 2 months.

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            It is not an obvious location, but that could be part of the charm if they could just get the word out.

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              "It is not an obvious location, but that could be part of the charm if they could just get the word out."

              The word is officially out.