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Feb 23, 2010 04:18 PM

L'Artusi vs. Apizz vs. Locanda Verde for 30th birthday dinner?

I am taking my husband and 3 other couples out for dinner. We want great food and an energetic room, but not too loud that we cant hear each other speak. Which of these restaurants (or others) would you recommend? I am treating so if you have other suggestions, this is the price range we are looking for.

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  1. I've not been to the other 2, but we found Locanda Verde to be loud. We also think that the food is average and that there are many other Italian restaurants in the city that does it better.

    Peasant in Nolita, imho, fits your requriements. Very good food, energetic, and a good celebratory atmosphere. Excellent service, too.

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      Thanks for the rec! I will check it out...

    2. I did not enjoy L'Artusi when I went - everything seemed oversalted and was just not impressive. I would absolutely recommend Apizz. The atmosphere is quieter and the food is fantastic.

      Haven't been to Locanda Verde.

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        Oh my gosh - I had the most wonderful meal I have had in ages at L'Artusi recently...
        We found everything to be superb from start to finish!
        I love Apizz, the food is definitely amazing, but to me it's more of a quiet date spot...not really for a special occaision.

        We were seated upstairs at L'Artusi on a Friday night and the vibe was perfect...buzzing but not too loud. Downstairs was seriously buzzing. We also found our server to be very well informed and helpful throughout the meal. He suggested a fantastic reasonable bottle of wine.
        I would have to disagree with Stephanie on this one and suggest L'Artusi!
        and I would HIGHLY recommend the mushroom sidedish which was to die for as well as the olive oil cake - simply amazing!

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          Friends of mine have had the same as you, NellyNel so I might have caught it on a bad night.

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            I've always had an amazing meal as well. I like to think that I had a hand in shaping Nelly's experience ;)

            1. re: kelea

              That's right Kelea - you sure did!! :)

              And I can't wait to get back!!!

      2. I love L'Artusi, but to be fair, I have not been back since early June 2009. Apizz is another great spot, though its more subdued and relaxed; romantic. I have not yet been to LV, but another suggestion would be Aroma Kitchen & Winebar.

        1. Never been to Apizz, but between Locanda and L'Artusi I would go with Locanda for sure! I've been to L'artusi 3 times--the first time I went the food was great and the atmosphere was loud, but fun, and they have a great wine list. Each time after that however, the food has gotten progressively worse. Way too salty!!
          Locanda is fabulous!

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            So I am not the only one that thought the oversalting was awful! Maybe there is one salt-crazed line chef.