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Feb 23, 2010 04:09 PM

Grimaldi's is even worse than you thought

Grimaldi's sucks, everyone already knows. But every now and then I would try a pie, and sometimes they were pretty good if they cooked it enough, or at least OK or passible if they didn't. Certainly not very good, never great. Undercooked with mediocre ingredients at all times, as you all know.
Tonight my pizza misadventures were different. They sank to a new low. The pizza was WAY too thick, undercooked, mushy and soggy in the middle, with a hole or dead spot that was too thin to carry the weight of too much bad tomato with too much liquid. It was the pie from hell. Big wet doughy bites of commercial cheese with little flavor other than bad flavor.
I swore I would never go back when it was half this bad. Now if I go back it is my own damn fault. A warning to all of you: if you already know or suspect it might have slid this far down the toilet, will you do this to yourself as well? Just don't go.

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  1. Funny, on a whim I went there with my wife about 2 weeks ago (We were walking by, hungry, there was no line, and she'd never been).

    It was the first time I've been since Lucali opened and truth be told? It wasn't terrible. it was good, even. Not Lucali. Not a shadow of what it was. But really not bad at all.

    Maybe it's because we got a white pie?


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    1. re: Peter

      Sometimes they can even crank out a good one, but I always ask for it 'well done'. The tendency to make it too thick and then undercook it (like they are in a hurry) is the worst of their sins. It makes a doughy chewy mess. When they pay attention to this they are actually alright, but the busloads of tourists prohibit any care or love.

      Damn, I wish Patsy Grimaldi was still around!

      1. re: Peter

        Okay, as one of those that has consistantly warned people away from Grimaldi's, let me try to explain why. Since you live in the Heights, this may be easy. Let's say you just wanted pizza and stepped into Fascati's on Henry St. or, instead, to Grimaldis three blocks away. Would Grimaldi's be better? My answer is no. Now, I have nothing against Fascati's and get slices and pies there. I have for almost 30 years. But it's not on CH as one of the best in NYC. It doesnt proport to be anything other than a neighborhood pizza place. It doesnt have tour buses and write ups and appear in the listings of blogs and magazines. And there are many of them like Fascati's out there. It's ok NYC street food pizza, maybe even a notch above that. So, to everyone who says that they went to Grimaldi's and it wasnt terrible, I say "congratulations" because sometimes it is. And I also say that "not terrible" or "fine" doesnt make it worthy of any distinction and certainly not worthy of discussion here. Lucali's is. DiFara's is. Franny's is. Grimaldi's is not. It's just not. At least, not any more than Fascati's or the hundreds like it.

        1. re: Steve R

          Well said. its gone past the point where its worthy of discussion here. It wouldnt be discussed at all except that it was once worth travelling to enjoy. if we didnt remember that, the tourist busses etc wouldnt be so annoying.

          1. re: jen kalb

            My point was that for years after Patsy's departure Grimaldi's produced a decent pie that was at least edible. Now it seems to have slid so far downhill that I have to step back and declare it way more terrible than I had thought, and not in the 'decent' category anymore. Even 2 years ago the last pie I had would not have been possible.

          2. re: Steve R

            I think Fascati's is great. I'd much rather go there than grimaldi's. I say let the tourists wait in line.

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              I never liked Fascati's. I think their Sicilian is rather dry, overly bready, and rather tasteless. I always thought they needed to snap up their sauce or something.

        2. I am not a food snob and the first time I sat down next to their tubs of polly-o cheese, I thought to myself, they must do some magic with their generic ingredients and was looking forward to having great pizza. Unfortunately not. I had the sausage pizza and it was thoroughly mediocre. Soggy in the center, and unremarkable toppings. Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills is better and Di Fara's is of course the best.

          However, I don't think Grimaldi's is horrible... except when you compare it to the places that are great.. and if have to wait for more than 5 minutes for a table.

          Fortunately there wasn't a line when I went or else I might have been even harsher in my judgment.