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Feb 23, 2010 03:05 PM

Fish: Where do you buy yours?

Fact: There are many places to buy fish in Seattle.

Where do you buy yours? For a weekday meal or a weekend dinner, which places in Seattle proper have the best deals and freshness?

I've purchased from the bigger two or three vendors down at Pike Place, as well as from Mutual Fish on Rainier Ave and Central Market up in Shorline. These places have all been good quality/price ratio as far as I know. Can I get the same quality elsewhere, or is this 'the list'?

What about QFC? WholeFoods? HT Market?

Fish is my weakest protien, so I'm never 100% positive if I'm getting a good deal or good quality.


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  1. Mutual Fish and Uwajimaya are, IMHO, the two best sources for seafood in Seattle. University Seafood in the University District is also good, although usually a bit more expensive..

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Agree with this post. Last time I was in Univerisity Seafood I was able to get a big bag of meaty frozen fish frames that made a great fish stock (for around $5)

      1. re: Tom Armitage

        It was my understanding that Mutual Fish provides Uwajimaya with some (all?) of their fish, particually the higher end sushi grade. Is this true?

      2. I usually get fish from Whole Foods, and I've always found it to be really fresh and good quality. Their staff are super helpful, too.

        1. For everyday fish, when I don't feel like Pike Place, I go to Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard or its storefront on top of Queen Anne (called WIld Slamon and in the same storefront and QA and McGraw as A and J Meats). Proximity wise, it's the easiest for me, and the quality has always been great.

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          1. re: cocktailhour

            I was disappointed with Wild Salmon in QA (A&J Meats)--their selection was really slim and prices were high. Also, I found lots of bones in my fillet.

            1. re: casspants

              What kind of fillet was it? Most fish have pinbones that need to be removed. I guess you could ask the fishmonger to do this, but I never have.

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                Somebody straighten me out: I thought I knew Wild Salmon at Fisherman's Terminal, but did not know of an outlet on QA. Have I been away too long?

                1. re: mrnelso

                  WIld Salmon has an outpost inside A&J Meats. It is a separate business inside A&J.

                  I agree that most salmon fillets that I have bought come with pin bones. The selection on top of QA is smaller than going to Ballard, for sure.

                  1. re: cocktailhour

                    Thank you.
                    I moved off QA 35 years ago - Clearly I don't get out enough...

            2. I'm on the eastside, and I like Tim's Seafood at Kirkland Park Place. It's definitely pricier than QFC, but the quality is great. They have the biggest diver scallops I've ever seen.


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              1. re: gmm

                I like The Fresh Fish Company in Ballard (north, next to Larsen's bakery), Mutual Fish in Rainier Valley and Uwajimaya. Most important, I would say, is finding a fishmonger you trust and being flexible about what fish to buy - I'd take an unexpected recommendation from an honest fishmonger over being rigid on what kind of fish you absolutely must have.....

                1. re: jalebiwallah

                  Another vote for The Fresh Fish Co. on NW 80th.

                2. re: gmm

                  Agree, gmm. I'd continue to go to Tim's no matter where I live in the Puget Sound. Their fish are incredibly fresh (and the diver scallops, as you mention, oh my!!!).

                3. Uwajimaya, without a doubt. Bought some beautiful fish there last night, matter of fact. Also nice that you can get most anywhere in the region from the transit centers around the corner.
                  Has anyone tried Seattle Fish Company in Fremont?

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                  1. re: eight_inch_pestle

                    Seattle Fish in Fremont closed a couple of months ago. I believe they are still open in West Seattle. I went there a few times and the quality and selection were very good. I was sad to see them go - they were my go to place if I did not feel like trekking over the Ballard Bridge to the Fisherman's Terminal.

                    1. re: cvn66

                      if you go over a bridge to get to Ballard, don't you also go over a bridge to get to Fremont? (smile)

                      1. re: cocktailhour

                        Fisherman's Terminal is on the non-Ballard side of the Ballard Bridge.

                        I go to the Seattle Fish in West Seattle as it's less than a mile from my house and I've always been happy with the quality.

                        1. re: driggity

                          d'uh on me! of course Fisherman's terminal is on the south side of the bridge.