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Feb 23, 2010 02:52 PM

Vinnie's in Asheville

We waited a week to let them work the service out and looks like a hit. The place was packed with people and now we know why. Our meal was great!!! the price was right and the wines matched up with the food prices. I'll miss savoy but not much. the north side needed a family place with good food and service.

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  1. Ooooh...nice! I am excited to try it.

    1. Must agree. Stopped in to check it out while flying solo. Had the calamari app. - Light breading, cooked & seasoned properly and served with a nice marinara. Also ordered the Argentinian Pizza. Excellent - green olives, tomato, anchovies. The crust on the pizza was done well (not well-done), thin and crispy. Oven has to be on high heat to achieve that crust. That's good news. Washed it all down with a house red. Affordable, tasty, and the service was great. No pretension - just quality service and they cared that I was enjoying the meal. Wino is right about the N side family venue. Hope they continue to do well.

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      1. We got takeout from there tonight. The Argentine pizza was OK - it's a thin crust but it wasn't very crispy, the sauce was pretty good (not too sweet, which I like, but also a little bland), and it was topped with some unripe fresh tomatoes (I know it's not the season, but they definitely didn't add to the pie) - so the nearby Marcos would get my vote over Vinnie's any day. Still, it's a good deal at around $12 for a 14 inch pie. The Greek salad was also only OK in my book. The toppings were plentiful and fresh but I found the dressing to lack any 'zip' and be on the sweet side. I like a really lemony/vinegary Greek dressing...their dressing was not good to me and kind of killed the salad for me. Again, I prefer Marco's Greek. Next time I will try the Gorgonzola, which sounded interesting to me. Because there will be a next husband and I both really liked our pasta dish, the Carbonara. It was also a great deal at less than $15 and more than enough for two. So our early consensus was...skip the pizza (or maybe give it one more try dining-in and not to-go), try the pasta, and don't expect anything overwhelmingly creative or amazing on the pasta front...just good, classic Italian at a good price. I think it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

      2. I think Eric has finally hit the mark w/ Vinnie's. On a Monday nite they were PACKED w/ plenty of attentive serving staff - all very tuned in to customers ...clearing plates, greeting, saying good bye....Reasonable prices and good quality simple food will make this a neighborhood hit. Not a destination restaurant but we have enough of those in Asheville. This is a place to bring the family or have an inexpensive (not romantic date night). One nice feature is a nice bar menu leftover from Savoy days w/ interesting cocktail choices....we'll be back.

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          my only criticism would be that the music was WAY too loud the 2x we went - hopefuly they have fixed this.

        2. We iive in N. A. and agree that we needed a family place. I was a bit skeptical that Savoy could be reinvented as a believable casual joint. The interior still needs work, but I we chose to dine outdoors on a balmy night and had a great experience. After being warned on arrival that "only the bartender" would be available to attend to our needs on the front porch we received warm and attentive service. The bread arrived warm and quickly. The meal, which I actually at later as leftovers, gives us a great reason to stay in the neighborhood for dinner. It was better than Carraba's, sure, but I have to make the comparison to point out that if you want a nice portion of american italian you can get the best local version of it in N.A. now, at Vinnie's. The only mistake is the restaurant's name. Vinnies? So cliche! Eric - you told me you had a marketing background. You can do better than that! Take out your Italy map and look at some of the names of the northern towns or mountain peaks. Now that would have been cool. :)

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            We've gotten takeout from there twice, and have decided that, for us, Vinnie's is just OK. It has been "pretty good," but nothing special. It has to be a pretty lazy night for me not to be able to whip up similar pasta at home. And while the price may be right considering you get an extra meal out of the big portions, it's still a little expensive for what you get, IMO. Again, we've only gotten it takeout, so maybe the dine-in experience would be more in line with these super-positive reviews.

            I'm about to post a review on a recent trip to Fiore's downtown. Comparable in price (for pastas, at least), Fiore's is MUCH better, IMO!

          2. Well friends - my better half and I were so excited to try Vinnies and so we went on Saturday night. The salads and the garlic knots were fine. Then it all went south....I had the penne arribiata and she had the rigatoni alla norma. We had about 3 bites of each, looked at each other and said "we're not eating this" They were both just so bad - not even average - just bad. To their credit, when the waiter came out to see if everything was ok we told him our complaints and they took all but the salads off our bill. Apparently the owner tasted our dishes and agreed that they'd missed the mark. They were very nice throughout the entire evening (short as it was for us there). However - the next night we went to Nona Mia's and, friends, that is what Italian food is supposed to taste like! We likely will not venture back. See you at Nona Mia's!