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Feb 23, 2010 02:52 PM

From San Diego to Hollywood

My husband and I are coming up to Hollywood tomorrow night for a show. We both consider ourselves foodies but don't know the area and need dinner recommendations. We have no dietary restrictions and love any place that pays attention to details. Foreign and spicy are a good bet. Interesting and / or nice decor and ambiance are a plus. The restaurant doesn't need to be 5-star or pricy to be good but we like to get our money's worth. We don't want to drive too far from the theater either and for the life of me, I can't think of the name of it. All I know is that it's in Hollywood.

Can someone recommend something? Thanks!

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  1. it would be helpful to know which theater because you don't want to stray too far if traffic is really bad. what show is it? easy to look it up on the LA Times site that way.

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      I don't think it will really matter since we're driving up tomorrow afternoon and driving back tomorrow night. Not looking forward to the traffic. Would take the train if we could get a stop closer to Hollywood than Glendale.

    2. If it's the Pantages, you have several options within walking distance.

      The new Delphine is on the ground floor of the W hotel directly across the street from the theater. It's another bistro-like place with a trout meniure that Johanthan Gold raved about in the LA Weekly a few weeks ago.

      On the corner of Hollywood and Vine, a half block from the Pantages is Dillon's. It's a sports bar with a full menu of burgers, chili, shepherd's pie, etc. And they have many beers on tap. Prices are very reasonable.

      On the southwest corner of Hollywood and Vine is Katsuya. This is a trendy scene with Japanese fusion food. It's expensive, but if you are looking for trendy, you've got it here.

      About a half block west of Hollywood and Vine, on the north side of the street is a brand new Philly cheesesteak place. It's called Philly's steaks. The cheesesteak sandwich here is awesome. They start with a whole steak, and cut it up on the grill. It's made with plenty of peppers and onions. Yellow cheese is drizzled over the top. I loved this sandwich. But it may be too casual for before the theater.

      Another casual place, on the south side of Hollywood, across the street from Philly's is Dos Burritos. This is my favorite burrito place. But it is also very casual, with counter seating.

      That kind of sums up what's in short walking distance if you're going to the Pantages.

      Within a short drive is Balcones del Peru, a very good Peruvian place. They have fresh tasty ceviches, but the lomo saltado is not the best I've had. I've also enjoyed the simple fish dish with onions and peppers.

      For foreign and spicy, I'd recommend Ruen Pair, my current favorite Thai restaurant right in the heart of Hollywood's Thai Town. Despite seeing Drew Barrymore the other night at Jitlada, I've become a little underwhelmed by them recently. Ruen Pair is very low key, and you can get your food spicy if you ask. This is a reasonably priced option.

      You can also get foreign and spicy at Crown of India. They'll make it REALLY spicy if you ask for it. But they also have the BEST calamari here. They have all the normal Indian offerings, and I've never had a bad dish here.

      There's a Korean BBQ place on Wilcox and Selma that's surprisingly good for not being in Koreatown. They have an all-you-can-eat special for about $20, where you BBQ your food right at the table. But you may not want to smell like smoke in the theater. The other offerings are good, though, too.

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        Wow, thank you so much! A lot to choose from. Many thanks!

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          Also, if it is at the Pantages, you could take the train form SD to Union Station, and then from Union Station, take the Metro which comes right to the Pantages...

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          Only wanted to add the Mercantile, which we walked to the other night after a show at the Pantages and had a fantastic meal.

        3. There's a whole bunch. There's also...
          Off Vine

          Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria

          I been to and like both...their close by...