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Feb 23, 2010 02:33 PM

Rehearsal Dinner locations

Hi everyone,

I live in Portland but we're getting married in Seattle. We're looking for a place to have the rehearsal dinner. There's just one catch- my dad is super picky. He doesn't like seafood, steak or any bone-in meat (so he does eat chicken, but only if it's boneless). We want to have a nice meal but I don't want him to just eat bread and butter either.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. How many people are you going to have at the rehearsal dinner?

    1. The Dahlia Lounge probably would fit the bill. They have a separate room for parities. Great food, but nothing too wild.

      1. First, I would check to see what restaurants have private banquet rooms. You can do this either on OpenTable ( or Seattle Dining ( Then browse the menus of these restaurants to see if they offer something that will meet your father’s needs (i.e., boneless chicken). Most restaurants will have a chicken dish that you can order, although Dahlia Lounge may be an exception. The on-line menu for Dahlia Lounge only lists fish, beef, pork, and duck entrees, and Tom Douglas’s style might be a little too “unusual” for your Dad’s taste (e.g., duck seasoned with Chinese five-spice). But you will find other places that will have boneless chicken on the menu. For example, Volterra, a very good Italian restaurant in Ballard, has “Crispy Herb Chicken” on its menu, described as “boneless organic half chicken marinated in fresh herbs and seared to a crispy golden brown, served with mashed potatoes and seasonal market vegetables.” I’m a little curious about a “boneless” half-chicken. Do they bone the thigh and drumstick? Hmmmm. Another very good Italian restaurant, Tulio, located in downtown Seattle, has roasted chicken on its menu. I’m sure if you are having a private banquet that most restaurants will work with you to meet your father’s needs, even if it means modifying somewhat their standard menu items. Good luck.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far! We're probably going to have about 20 people. Room doesn't have to be private, but semi private would be nice. Would also be nice if it was downtown somewhere since we're all going to be downtown anyway.

          We ate at Dahlia Lounge and it was good. Might be a good thought.

          Tom- thanks for the very long and detailed response. Very helpful I heard Volterra is supposed to be pretty good too!

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            Volterra is in Ballard, not downdown, but there are lots of options downtown, including Tulio's which I mentioned as having a private room for banquets.

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              Along the Italian lines, there's Barolo downtown. They have a long table that can seat large groups (I'd guess they could do 20, but check to be sure). Excellent food and nice atmosphere.

              1. re: akq

                I am pretty sure the long table at Borlo can fit 20 plus. I was there roughly 2 years ago with a group about that size and had a fantastic meal. The highlight was, get this, their filet mignon (we had a prest menu by the folks throwing the party). I hate to admit that steak was one of the better I have had in Seattle. It was perfectly executed and served with a nice, shiny red wine reduction....

                1. re: passionfoodie

                  and there are other tasty bites for dad the no steak eater....while Barolo is not cutting edge cuisine it is solid and I have had many good meals there

                  1. re: passionfoodie

                    Thanks--- more good information. I saw Barolo and it looks good. It's a few months off, but whereever we book, I'll will surely post a review after (and get my picky dad to tell me what he thought as well!)