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Feb 23, 2010 01:33 PM

Dogs to Rival Hot Dougs?

Does anybody think there is a NYC restaurant that serves hot dogs that would rival Hot Doug's in Chicago? Or Pink's in LA?

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  1. For NY style dogs. Gray's Papaya, Papaya King and Nathan's Coney Island.

    I would doubt a NY joint could rival a Chicago joint in terms of Chicago style dogs. Shake Shack, for one, makes a stab at it.

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    1. re: boccalupo

      For Chicago style hot dogs and pizza you go to Chicago.
      For NYC style anything go to NYC.
      I cringe whenever I travel and see a sign that says: "New York style........."

      1. re: Motosport

        Shake Shack hot dogs aren't terrible. If they sliced the vegetables a little thicker, cooked the hot dog a bit more and added more celery salt, they'd be perfect.

        1. re: Motosport

          How is "New York style..." any different than "California Style" or "Tex Mex" style?

        2. Gray's Papaya, Papaya King and the like make good NY style hot dogs but Hot Doug's is famous more for their creative dogs than their rendition of the local hot dog style. The closest I've found in Manhattan would be Crif Dogs or PDT, though you miss out on the quality of the housemade sausages like at Hot Doug's. A place that specializes in charcuterie like Bar Boulud might pick up the slack in that department, but the ambiance is miles away from the plastic benches at Hot Doug's or Pink's.

          1. The simple answer is no.

            1. Pink's isn't that good. I'd rather go to Crif Dogs personally...

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              1. re: uwsister

                An important thing to remember is that there are many hot dog types and styles. It's like comparing apples and oranges in many instances. A beefy, garlicky dog from Papaya King or Nathan's is completely different than a milder pork based dog from Crif's, which is a knockoff of Rutt's Hut in New Jersey.

                Hot Doug's serves authentic Chicago style dogs as well as sausages made from alligators, kangaroos, and other unusual sources. I don't think anywhere in New York serves an authentic Chicago dog. And I'm including Shake Shack. Theirs isn't good. They serve theirs (or did when I went years ago) with cucumbers, lettuce and peppers, which very few Chicago joints do. The dogs are served barely warm, not hot. But this doesn't mean that there can't be a place that can serve an authentic Chicago dog. For a few years in N.J. (where I live) there was a place that served a great Chicago dog. Franks from Vienna Beef, neon green relish, poppy seed buns, etc. The place even had a letter from the president of Vienna Beef mentioning that they served a great example of a Chicago hot dog.

                Pink's serves an average beef dog. Most in New York and New Jersey are better.

                Taste is subjective, but in my opinion the dogs served in New York and New Jersey are the best in the world. Personally I like to taste the flavor of the frankfurter unencumbered by the salad that is put on a Chicago hot dog. The Vienna beef dog blends in well with all the salad, but lacks the flavor of a Sabrett, Nathan's, Hebrew National, or Best's (New Jersey made; not the Chicago brand with same name). These dogs are also far better than the Hoffy's brand served at Pink's.

                The German style beef and pork dogs we have here are as good as (or better in my opinion) than anywhere else in the country. Upstate New York has quality brands such as Zweigle's, Sahlen's, and Hofmann's, but we in Jersey have Schickhaus, Thumann's, and a myriad of great dogs made by small European butcher shops. The difference is that these franks are made from whole cuts of quality beef and pork, or beef/pork/veal. No fillers and in many cases are not supplemented by trimmings as are most dogs. They use only whole cuts of the best quality meat. There is no better beef/pork dog than Thumann's from N.J.

                  1. re: hotdoglover

                    Always love seeing your posts on hot dog threads! I compared Pink's to Crif Dogs simply because lots of different topping combination are a big attraction at both places. And you don't have to stand in a line to eat Crif Dogs.

                    1. re: uwsister

                      Crif Dogs also serves another dog they call the New Yorker. This is an all beef dog from Thumann's that is for people who are used to this type of dog and may consider the milder beef/pork dog bland. It is also grilled like Papaya King and Nathan's as many New Yorkers do not like a fried dog.

                1. But how about the Pylsurs (hot dogs) in Reykjavik?? After a night of club crawling locals hit the Pylsur stand for a couple of dogs. They are topped with crunchy grilled onions and local mustard. Outstanding unusual taste. They have an autographed picture of our fearless leader Bill Clinton eating a couple of Pylsurs.

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                      Please post this on the Reykjavik board (found within the combined Greenland, Iceland and Arctic Circle board)