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Feb 23, 2010 12:54 PM

Lunch in San Gimignano

Any suggestions? Also, has anyone visiting any of the Vernacia wineries there? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I enjoyed my lunch at Osteria I Quattro Gatti, and you can google the address. Be forewarned it is true osteria-style dining at shared tables with benches in a very small basement, with a terrace in back for nice weather. It has a limited menu of mainly cured and grilled meats and (interestingly) grilled cheeses. Some contorni. No pasta as I recall, but perhaps soup. Classic dolci of panaforte or biscotti. But there is also a pin speck of a wine bar at the entrance.

    Vernaccia is not one of my favorite wines, but just be aware that few wineries are open to the public without appointments, although there may be some around San Gimignano that are an exception.

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      Thanks! We will also be visiting Volterra in the same day, so any suggestions for lunch there would also be great.

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        Sorry, I've never been. You might have to put up a new thread or edit your title to get answers.

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            It does look very interesting. Have you been or know of anyone who has?

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              I posted further info on your other thread from the Slowfood guide.
              Further info for San Gimignano. We were not great fans of this town when we visited - this was many years ago - except after the tourist buses left at the end of the day, when it became very pleasant. and quiet and one could walk up to the fortress and enjoy. There were a number of wine shops selling Vernaccia on the main street going down to the parking - I imagine there are tasting opportunities these days. Slowfood give a high recommendation to a place called Osteria del Carcere here - wonder if any chowhounds have been it sounds enticicing. Closed for lunch Wed and Thurs.