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What salad goes with stew, polenta and mustard greens?

I'm planning to serve this amazing hearty elk stew recipe which goes great over polenta with sauteed mustard greens on the side. What else should I serve with it? What kind of salad wouldn't feel redundant with the mustard greens? I need to fill out this menu a bit.

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      onion, garlic, chipotle chiles in adobo,maple syrup,lime juice,elk, salt & pepper, brewed coffee, homemade beef stock

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          I like a blood orange salad with radicchio, butter lettuce, hazelnuts & shaved parmigianno.

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            Very nice. And it would present beautifully.

        2. what are the other ingredients (seasonings, liquid, vegetables, etc) in the stew?

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            onion, garlic, chipotle chiles in adobo,maple syrup,lime juice,elk, salt & pepper, brewed coffee, homemade beef stock

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              well now you've gotten a bunch of great ideas!

              the astringency of the blood orange, cranberry or pomegranate that have been suggested would all be perfect for cutting the richness of the stew. i like the idea of a vinaigrette with pomegranate molasses, mustard and champagne vinegar...perhaps blood orange segments and dried cranberries or dried apricots (or both!) in the salad. toasted pistachios would add a hint of sweetness to balance the tartness.

              whatever you decide, the meal sounds wonderful!

          2. Yes, I 'm thinking some type of fall/winter fruits, apples, pears, persimmons, red grapes, even poached dried figs or apricots, dried cranberries or pomegranite arils, which seem to be very popular in salads these days; maybe a nut of some type, walnuts or pecans, on a bed of romaine and endive. You don't really need to repeat the greens; just use a bed of greens for plating the salad. A heartier fruit salad, with a bit of bitter from the endive, tang from the mustard in the vinaigrette and some crunch from the nuts, will give you a nice contrast to the rich elk and polenta. The dressing could be a vinaigrette with a slightly sweet edge and a hint of Dijon mustard, maybe use a cranberry or pomegranite vinegar or champagne vinegar with a touch of honey and orange.

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              Yum, now I'm getting inspired. Like the cranberry salad idea too.

            2. A Cranberry Salad...Load it up with Walnuts!


                1. Lot's to drool over. I'm fond of blood oranges and thinly sliced finocchio (fennel). But I should add that I think a simple salad of tossed greens, including arugula and radicchio, dressed in the classic Italian manner at the table with a generous amount of oil, a judicious bit of salt, and a stingy splash of a really good vinegar might be all your elegantly simple meal needs. And be sure to add a good bread.

                  1. You have many fine suggestions, I agree something with citrus either in the dressing or with segments of the fruit, would be perfect and pretty.