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Feb 23, 2010 12:36 PM

Best time to catch a quick eat at Lombardi's?

I know the place is generally packed, and I plan on heading over on a Friday. Do you guys recommend a specific time? I've never been and I've been looking forward to eating there, if, at least, for the historical value, so let me know what you guys think is wise to get-in/get-out!

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  1. I don't really have an answer, but I haven't seen the lines as much lately. My only tip is to request one of the older middle rooms, and sometimes it helps to ask for your pizza well done.

    1. i recommend not-going-at-all...if it's the history you're looking for, the place has been renovated/expanded and doesn't exactly reek of Old-NY...if it's pizza you want, there are far better options...

      i haven't been in a few years...but my last two meals there were so inexcusably bad that i put it in my never-again pile...

      but, if you give it a try (and i hope you have a nice meal if you do), report back and give us an update on the current state of the place...

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        p.s. check out this recent thread for further thoughts:

      2. I don't think much of the place but I went on Monday and at 12:45 we were seated without a wait. The place looked 3/4 full. The pie was fine, better then what you get at most pizza joints, but not nearly at the level of the top places.