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Feb 23, 2010 12:27 PM

price points for milonga and meson los espanoles?

hello i'd like to try one of these spots friday night, but am afraid it's gonna cost mucho deniro to eat there, and i dont feel like spending that much (no more than $40pp w/ wine). i know both places offer tapas, and thats fine for me, but my group likes to drink! where do you think is the best bang for our buck? tia!

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      milonga's in north white plains and meson's in WP, across the street from the latin american cafe on post rd.

    2. Both have websites, but don't have the prices on their menus--I really dislike that!

      1. I haven't been to either for some months, but both should have most entrees mid-teens to mid-20's and substantial appetizers for less. Depends what you order, of course. Have always considered Meson quite reasonable and Milonga more reasonable than Tango Grill (from which it was spawned.) I have no clue about drink prices since we do no more than have a glass of wine.

        1. I hosted a 40th birthday party at meson about 5 years ago and i do have a copy of their menu...5 years ago! if you are planning around $40/head, and you all love to drink, it might not work out. it's definitely a great restaurant, good food, great service, attentive staff. it was reasonable, for a birthday party. i haven't been milonga. the average appetizer at meson then was about $10 each and the entrees were in the mid $20's. it's the drinking that will kill you. believe me, i know. we love to drink! if i think of another place, i'll let you know. are you strictly limited to the white plains area? how far will you and your company travel to? good luck!

          1. thanks for the info, westjanie & red tequila...i am really craving tapas now, but we may have to cancel dinner cuz of this bloody snowstorm! if not, i shall report back & let you know how it was.

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            1. re: unocal

              Went to Milonga a few months ago. Had a res, but they tried hard to seat us in the bar area even though restaurant was mostly empty. And weren't nice about it. Thought the food was not very good: my wife's lamb chops were way too salty, my chicken dish was two very thin, very lonely pieces of chicken on a huge plate with a lot of sauce and nothing -- nothing-- else. Not even a sprig of parsley. Plus a glass of sangria was 90% ice and 10% red wine. It just seemed mean-spirited. Will not return.

              1. re: foodlad


                We on the other hand had many very good experiences at Milonga. Once they did try and sit us at a table that was very awkwardly placed and would have been uncomfortable for dinner, but they were very accommodating when we asked to be reseated.

                As for the food, we've been very happy with it. Found the paella very good and my DW loves the fried calamari. As far as the sangria, it was tasty and a reasonable mixture of ice and beverage.

                Perhaps you caught them on an off night.

                My one complaint is that the full tapas menu doesn't seem to be available in the main dining room. I would like to have some those choices available as appetizers.