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Feb 23, 2010 12:25 PM

Indian Cooking Class

I'm looking for a good Indian cooking class somewhere in the Twin-Cities area. I want to hook up a friend who's been dying to get into more Indian cooking. Ideally the class would be sometime in the next few months. Any ideas?

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  1. Both Cooks of Crocus Hill and The Kitchen Window offer a wide enough range of classes that Indian cuisine makes it through the rotation on a regular basis. The timing often depends on whether a new cookbook has been released or a restaurant is gearing up for an opening. Their course catalogs are online, a few months at a time, so check back periodically for updates.

    Cooks of Crocus Hill also offers gift certificates that recipients can use toward course fees.

    1. I took an awesome cooking class at the Indian Foods Company last year--a tiny little store where they have a little nook for cooking demonstrations. They have a small grocery store and also grind and mix their own spices. I really learned a lot from this class.

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        I took an Indian cooking class a few weeks ago through Minneapolis Community Ed, entitled "Sambars and Idlis". While I really enjoyed the food, I didn't learn too much about indian cooking (the instructor wasn't Indian), and it felt more like we were really just given a recipe to follow (which I could have done at home on my own much more easily and cheaply).

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          1. I attended a really excellent class at ethnicfoodsco! Would highly recommend.