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Feb 23, 2010 12:09 PM

Best TN of the year ( so far )

Posted 12/13/2009 by ilvinorosso in

Château Brane Cantenac 2000 (Margaux 2ème Cru Classé):

"I thought this Brane-Cantenac was very good. Great classic cassis nose, really nice up front fruit that slowly drifted away off the tongue in a teasing "am I gonna give you a little more? Do you want that mid palate rush? Or should I just slowly fade like as if I were a super model walking deeper into the ocean off of a sand bar into the sunset and youre staring at my ass?"

I'd say the latter. "

[ Got a good one? Please feel free to post! ]

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  1. How could anyone beat that?

    1. What about mine for the Scavino Annunziata 97?? Wheeeeee? Granted, less visually appealing, but come on!

      That's pretty sweet. I find these tasting notes much more useful at times.

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        well mengathon - yours was my favorite by far!