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Feb 23, 2010 11:17 AM

Manayunk Sunday Night?

Looking for a reasonable place to dine for people meeting from North, South, East and West this Sunday. Manayunk is central but none of us has been there for a while. One of us is unemployed so please keep prices in mind! And how IS the parking, if you know? Was in Chestnut Hill today and it was CRAZY trying to park on the street with snow piled everywhere. Thank you!

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  1. There are several decent restaurants in Manayunk that are not too pricey. LeBus, Manayunk Brewpub, Kildare's, and Cooper's Pizza and Wine Bar are some good ones that come to mind.

    All of the snow will be gone by Sunday, so that won't be an issue. Also, parking on Sunday's on Main Street isn't too bad. Worse comes to worse, there are tons of meter parking spaces further down from Manayunk Brewpub away from Main St. or you could try parking up a few blocks around the residential areas.

    1. I second the Brew Pub, haven't been in quite awhile, but nice selection, reasonable priced and i never had a bad meal there, from the bar-food to the nicer dishes on the menu

      1. Cooper's might be bit high, but out of those listed, Le Bus is always on point with their meals. Brewpub tends to be hit or miss in my opinion, but their bar food is generally safe (sushi there is not recommended). Bourbon Blue would be up there with my favorite bar food in Manayunk, and it's a pretty good set up as well.