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Feb 23, 2010 11:04 AM

Searching for a bakery with authentic German rye bread (with caraway) in Vancouver

After a taste of the bread at the Saxony house, I'm on the hunt. I asked the servers there but they couldn't tell me where they sourced their bread. Any suggestions?

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  1. My wild guess is that Saxony sourced theirs from Pohl's - a wholesaler (AFAIK). You might try Swiss Bakery on 3rd (near Main St)

    Swiss Bakery
    143 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T, CA

    1. I would try Fraser Bakery and Konditorei - this is where my dad gets his traditional poppy seed roll. (6553 Fraser Street)

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        The place I get my rye caraway is Omnitsky's. It's a Jewish bakery across from Oalkridge Mall.

        1. re: repartee

          They get their bread from Garden City bakery and it isn't that great in my opinion (Omnitsky).

      2. Breka at 49th and Fraser usually at least 10 or more types of rye and sourdoughs daily with a huge selection of strudels, old style doughnuts and pastries mmm, mmmm, mmm!

        1. During the 2010 Winter Olympics the Saxony House in Stanley Park got their bread from Andy's Bakery at 935 Commercial Drive.

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            That's great info. I live around the corner form Andy's and have been buying rye bread regularly for years. A number of friends of German descent have commented that it is the best in town.

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              Thank you, thank you, thank you!

            2. I am a little late to this but I get a caraway rye baked by la Baguette on Granville Island. They label it as Winnipeg Rye. It is covered with poppy seeds. Whole foods at Park Royal carries it. That is where I usually get it as I am North Van. I don't know if it qualifies as a German rye but it I like it.

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                La Baguette has a few options... The Winnipeg is pretty light, but they also have their 100% rye based bread that is anything but and still has the caraway going.

                1. re: thatwhileifound

                  What does the brain trust here think of the Rye breads from European Breads?

                  I've never tried any so have no idea-their Barley bread is tasty though.


                  1. re: Sam Salmon

                    Their ryes are decent, but they lack the requested caraway from what I remember. If I'm going to recommend a rye without the caraway, I'd go for Artisan before them anyway. Artisan's Coarse Rye is basically my staple bread.