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Feb 23, 2010 10:53 AM

second date in the Chelsea/West Village area

Looking for a place for a second date in the Chelsea/West Village area. Preferably above 13th Street and beow 10th Avenue. Open to all Cuisines. Thanks in advance!

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  1. alta is a good spot. you can share plates which will add some romance perhaps. scarpetta, socarrat wine bar, cookshop.

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    1. re: fein

      Thanks! How expensive is scarpetta?

      1. re: fein

        I wouldn't risk Cookshop for a 2nd date -- the service is haphazard and it tends to be loud. Red Cat (nearby) is a better option.

        Scarpetta isn't cheap, but it's a good date spot. Here is the menu:

        1. re: fein

          I had many a successful second date at Alta.

        2. How about French? Cafe Loup. 13th between 6th and 7th. Great service. Classic ambiance. Great martinis. Fair price. Has a lover's feel to it.

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          1. re: CantStopEating

            Green table in the Chelsea market is excellent. El Cocotero on 18th between 7th and 8th is good Venezuelan for very reasonable prices. Have fun!

            1. re: feynmix

              Green Table sounds interesting. How is the atmosphere?

              1. re: Marginwalker

                The atmosphere is odd - in the middle of the bustling chelsea market.

                I think Trestle on Tenth would be nice, as would Scarpetta.

                1. re: Marginwalker

                  The atmosphere at green table is very nice. Not sure what time you want to do dinner, but a large majority of the market closes after 7 (i think). I had dinner there around 8:30 and it was very quiet. A few other patrons eating, very romantic atmosphere. The food is extremely fresh and excellent. The menu at the green table changes often too.

                1. re: Marginwalker

                  Scarpetta and Cookshop are great ideas. That's a shame about Red Cat, would've been one of my top suggestions.

                  Other ideas are Trestle on Tenth, Bottino, Aldea and Klee Brasserie.


                  1. re: foodie4life

                    I really liked Extra Virgin in the West Village....the food is great and the ambiance is laid back.

                    1. re: foodie4life

                      I can actually get an reservation at the Red Cat for 8:45, which where I really want to go. Do you think 8:45 is to late for a second date on a Saturday night (second date)? Would appreciate any feed back

                      1. re: Marginwalker

                        Plan on arriing at 8:00 and having a glass of wine while you wait.

                    2. re: Marginwalker

                      What about Boqeria then? Seamus Mullen just got put on the semi-finalist list for best chef James Beard award. There's a flatiron location. I konw it's not Chelsea but maybe it's close enough.


                  2. riazor and rio mar
                    old school spanish
                    great mustard chicken awesome fries nice prices and history
                    rio mar is in the meatpacking district
                    rizor between 7 and 8

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                    1. re: foodismylife

                      Oh, I don't know about Riazor. I've been there a few times and a) not been impressed with the food, though I didn't order what you did, and b) the ambience is anything but romantic IMO.

                      I like the atmosphere at Trestle on Tenth and Extra Virgin, and neither is terribly expensive.

                      1. re: foodismylife

                        History, indeed: Rio Mar has been history (gone) for years! Great dive bar with awesome tapas, but gone, gone, gone.

                      2. another place to consider is Blossoms. Its an all vegetarian restaurant, but the food is fantastic. If you want to do tapas, aldea too. I need to eat out more in the West Village. Turks and Frogs Wine bar comes to mind, its mostly small plates menu.

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                        1. re: feynmix

                          Honestly, I'd never suggest taking someone to a vegetarian restaurant unless you're sure s/he is a vegetarian; I will eat veggie food, but I know people who won't. As to your earlier question, I think 8:45 for a second date is completely fine for a Saturday night. Plus, Red Cat has a really nice bar, so if you want to make it earlier you can meet at the bar for a drink first. Have fun!

                          1. re: sara333

                            Of course, Blossoms would have been an option if s/he was a vegetarian :).

                            Anyways, I too agree that 8:45 is a perfectly good time for dinner on a second date.

                            Have fun!

                            1. re: sara333

                              I'm can't decide between The Red Cat and Trestle on Tenth. Someone PLEASE break the tie for me!

                              1. re: Marginwalker

                                Red Cat will probably be a more bustling atmosphere and has more "lighter" options on the menu. Trestle on Tenth is very cozy and nice for conversation but leans towards heartier meat dishes (i.e. lamb saddle, duck necks, etc.). I'd say check the menu and see what you think would work best for the occasion.