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Feb 23, 2010 10:21 AM

can you find macarons in KC?

Hoping there is somewhere is KC to purchase these? Don't know if the ones I made are right when I have nothing to compare them to

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  1. Call Dean and Deluca in Leawood, but you will pay dearly for them, as they likely aren't locally made. My other suggestion would be Napoleon Bakery in Westport, though I have no idea if they make macarons. Andre's does not, as far as I know, and Artisan Francais closed gosh, almost a year ago? I've also heard there's a French bakery called Le Monde, but it's not on my beaten path.

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      Le Monde bakery is in the little North Kansas City downtown strip. I haven't noticed macarons, but their pastries and bread are excellent.

    2. I have a vague recollection that someone talked about macaroons on the Food Critics edition of the Walt Bodine Show on February 5 or January 23. You might try listening to them online - even if I am wrong, it is likely to be a show that interests most people that participate in this forum.

      1. You can find them at Natasha's Mulberry and Mott in Leawood . They have a bunch of flavors. I had pistachio, almond, lemon, and chocolate passion fruit. They were amazing, and the girl working at the counter told me they make them there everyday.

        1. Sometimes The Filling Station (coffee and food) at 2980 McGee Tfwy has macaroons, often coconut and chocolate, very tasty. Pretty nice vibe, too!

          1. Here in St Louis, you can get Archway macaroons in the cookie aisle of the supermarket. I really, really like them.