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Feb 23, 2010 09:56 AM

Boynton Beach - Prime Catch

I searched the Board for recommendations in Boynton Beach and found most posts said to head down to Delray Beach. Most time we've visited down there, we stayed in Delray, but this time we were staying in Boynton Beach so wanted to try a place there.

We had dinner at Prime Catch with our elderly friend. I was a bit concerned by her recommendation because she is not a foodie, but we were very pleasantly surprised.

Both my husband and I had the caesar salad with anchovies. The dressing tasted fresh and well balanced with the anchovies chopped into the salad. The salad was so large, I couldn't finish it for fear of not being able to eat my dinner.

I ordered a special of Hawaiian Walu. I had never tried it before. The server described it as a white tuna. It was delicious. My husband ordered a simple grilled swordfish with a shallot caper sauce. The sauce was more a relish than a sauce, but still delicious. Swordfish is my favorite fish, and this did not disappoint. I actually found the Walu to be more similar in texture to swordfish than to tuna.

The service was excellent and prices reasonable -- $28.50 for the walu special and $26.50 for the swordfish.

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  1. "I ordered a special of Hawaiian Walu. The server described it as a white tuna."

    Something sushi eaters may want to know... Sushi described as "white tuna" has nothing to do with tuna and is a fish that some people develop "problems" with after eating. (This is kind of like calling pork shoulder "white filet mignon").

    It is likely escolar and is known for causing digestive problems in some people. I witnessed this first hand when I had it at Emerils in NOLA in 1996. The problems developed before I knew what exactly I had eaten so this was not "psychosomatic".

    Check out these links for the gory details...

    It may be fine for many or most people, but in the interest of awareness.... there you have it.

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      BTW there are tons of previous chow discussions on Escolar... here's just one recent one

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        Just an FYI, the walu at Prime Catch was not served raw. It was a cooked piece of fish. I had no "problems" afterward.

      2. Ah Prime Catch...the place that gives "fish restaurants" a bad name. You should see the Sysco trucks pull up there every morning and disgorge the same frozen stuff that every other chain place uses. Fresh fish? Not a single fish in that place is fresh, it's all frozen and trucked in. Bah humbug. Service is shoddy, the food is mediocre at best & to top it all off, there's a decent Italian place literally across the parking lot that serves much better food & has better service.

        At least Legal Seafoods is honest about their fish. Prime Catch is expensive & so not worth it. Feel like fish? Legals. Feel like really good Italian? Across the lot to Josie's. Ask for Joe to help you.

        My rant is done for the day, I thank you.

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          After eating at Prime Catch last night, I cannot help but agree with the comments above. Server had no knowledge of farmed vs wild fish ("all our fish is fresh"). Fresh doubtful. Woefully overcooked, certainly. Sent back my grouper and ordered supposedly fresh whole yellowtail overdone, parts underdone.

          $163.67 for four before tip, with one appetizer, two drinks, four main courses.....I will not be returning..