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Feb 23, 2010 09:52 AM

anyplace to get good fresh bread downtown?

Other than going to the North End, can anyone think of a place I can get a fresh baguette, or some other delicious piece of bread near where I work which is right by PO Square? I am pretty lazy and Whole Foods and the North End seem impossibly far away. I could probably buy something at Sebastions or Pace, but that doesn't seem that appealing - I am thinking more along the lines of a bakery, or market with a bakery section. Thanks!

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  1. Until the farmer's markets begin in the spring, there are two options that I know of:
    1) Sel de la Terre on State Street has fresh bread, not too far of a walk
    2) Marliave just opened a bakery downstairs where their raw bar used to be. I haven't tried it yet; our server mentioned it the other night. I think it closes around noon and may be more breakfast pastry oriented, so it may not have baguettes

    1. Bina Alimentaria on Washington has some nice bread and pastry.

      Sel de la Terre on State Street has the Boulangerie with a fine assortment of good bread.

      Either one is an easy lunch hour walk from Post Office Square.

      And, once the farmers' market in Dewey Square opens for the season you can add "When Pigs Fly" to the mix. I wouldn't call their "French" a baguette but it is a good loaf of bread. The photos in this link were actually taken at the Dewey Square Market.


      1. I figured I'd be a jerk if I said "wait for the farmers markets," but seeing that the first two responders also made that note... wait for the farmers markets! The Government Center market is actually pretty decent as well. Big Sky Bakery sells their, and I tend to really enjoy their bread.

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          They were also at the Downtown Holiday Market, so if that returns next year, Julie will have a December option. When Pigs Fly was there too.


        2. Another option is to buy a loaf of bread at an Au Bon Pain. There are several near PO Square.

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            I was surprised no one said ABP, altho it's definitely not the most exciting. Does Cosi sell loaves?

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              Do they actually sell baguettes? I've never seen any at the South Station one.

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                In full disclosure, I can't say I've ever bought a loaf of bread from abp, but the rest of their goods are...not so hot.

              2. Panera at the end of High Street has all sorts of options.

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                  Thanks Everyone! I've never noticed Bina and I've worked in Downtown Crossing for almost 8 years! I am going tomorrow. Will definitely check out the farmers markets. I love cosi bread (hate everything else) but it's only good fresh and hot and i wanted something to serve with some beef stew I had made.

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                    Bina is a good choice. Not a large selection of bread but what they have is quite good. Lots of other great salumi and cheese as well and nice assortment of wines as well.