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Feb 23, 2010 09:51 AM

Delray Beach Dining Suggestions?

I'm traveling to Delray Beach soon to visit my parents. My husband will be joining me there on his birthday. Can anyone suggest a really good, somewhat sophisticated (hip and birthday-worthy) place to eat in the vicinity? I know Atlantic Ave has had some decent places in the past, but they come and go so quickly, I'm not sure what's there today.

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    1. You can also try DaDa, is off to the side of Atlantic Ave, but the atmosphere is pretty hip and relaxed. There is also this small italian place called Sazio, and if you are into rodizio, there is an pretty brazillian rodizio called Gol.

      1. Are you coming down from up north? If so, dining outside would probably add a LOT ot the experience.

        Sundy House is not quite hip but it is absolutely stunning for outdoor dining. Tryst is hip, good food (same owners as 32 East) and has a lovely courtyard dining area. DaDa is also nice but a bit more on the casual side than the others. CIty Oyster is nice, a table towards the front is more-or-less outside; same with Vic and Angelo's.

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          I 2nd the dada selection, however MUCH more casual...
          they also make a good mojito

        2. Ohh.. I almost forgot, there is also a good Spanish/Latin restaurant called Cabana. They have a pretty decent ceviche and one of the best mojitos I have had in South Florida (btw, I am spanish, I enjoy a good mojito).