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Feb 23, 2010 09:46 AM

Where can I find good pupusas in southern CT?

I just saw Chef Mary Sue Milliken raving about pupusas on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." They sound incredible. She gets them i n LA. Does anyone know of a Salvadoran restaurant in southern CT where I might find this traditional "street food?" It's a stretch, I know. I read a Chowhound post that mentioned a place in Central Falls, RI. I'm hoping there's someplace a little closer.

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  1. Never been found but saw this place sells them and its closer than RI.

    1. If you broaden your criteria to Westchester, you can post it on the NY State board, and you may get a reply from adamcycle, the renowned local expert on all things latinAmerican. Alternatively, you can search posts there, and may cover lower Fairfield, from the long ago days when there was a Tristate area board.


      1. Good question.

        fwiw: I had some amazing ones from a guy in a truck in Brooklyn a few months ago. I forget the name though.

        1. Not sure where in Southern CT you are referring to... but down here in Fairfield County I haven't really found any. There are wonderful ones just over the border in Westchester. But I'm pretty sure I've seen some posts from JohnnyCT about some good Salvadoran places in Bridgeport. I'd be surprised if there weren't some good ones somewhere between Bridgeport and New Haven.

          1. I know of two restaurants in Bridgeport that make pupusas. I don't know their names or exact addresses. The only one I've eaten at is near the University of Bridgeport on Main St. south of I95. It looks like a tiny neighborhood corner pizza place but is Salvadorian. With a steam table and makes pupusas to order. I teach at UB and had never eaten here until I was in Orange County CA and read in a local magazine about the best of. One of the "best of" was the best pupusas. Having never heard of a pupusa I knew I had to go. They were great and the ones at this place on Main are to. They have meat, cheese or meat and cheese. They come with a slightly spicy cabbage and tomato "salsa" which is great. I've also had pernil, one time, which was also really good.

            I was on a bike ride with my daughter and passed by a Salvadorian resturant on Fairfield Ave. heading from Black Rock towards downtown when i saw the sign. I stopped in a got a take out menu. I've not eaten there yet and don't remember the exact location - it might be a bit south of the Super Stop & Shop - I know it was on the south side of the road (or that might be eastern side as the road turns north). It's on my list to try sometime. They had a full menu of Salvadorian foods. Where the "pizza" place near me had less items.

            As a general rule if one wants So and Central American food in Southern CT- Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford are the places to go. There has been an influx in recent years of people from south of Mexico to go along with the many Mexicans who have migrated to the area and brought their cuisines with them. For example I've eaten at 2 Purvian restaurants in Bridgeport and one in Stamford. Also eaten at Colombian restaurants in Norwalk and West Haven. The Peruvians in Stamford are more upscale but the rest were not intended for the local gringos which is usually my cue I should go. If their English is worse than my Spanish (I studied French) then I'm in the right place. :)

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              Here is an old thread about Salvadoran places in BPT.

              Sadly the place with the best pupusas in Bridgeport closed downed recently. First Sabor Salvadoreno on Main Street moved up the street and shared space with a Jamaican restaurant. Then they finally kicked the bucket. Too bad.

              One other Salvadoran place in Bridgeport nobody mentioned is Centro Americano Barbeque on East Main Street.

              Not sure if it is still open but there used to be one on Campbell down the street from UNH in West Haven.

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                not to hijack this thread... but I'm going to. Johnny... what's the latest on Mayan food in Bridgeport? Any Guatemalan food worth trying up there?

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                  Nothing going on in Bridgeport....maybe when the weather warms up and the soccer leagues start playing there will be some informal vendors.

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                I've eaten in the place in Black Rock listed above. It is on Fairfield Ave. The cross street is Melrose next to a tattoo parlor, and a couple of doors down from a big liquor store, Julians. Big banner in front announces Salvadorean restaurante y papooseria.

                Papoosas are excellent, made to order and inexpensive. Friendly staff. I've also had the fish soup, which was excellent, chock full of fish and seafood, and only around 7 bucks.

                Black Rock Cafe
                Wrentham, MA, Wrentham, MA