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Feb 23, 2010 09:08 AM

D 'Artagnan's...Worth it? What to order?

I'd like to place my first order with them, but before I do....Are they worth $$$ it? Any other good mail order sources for duck? I live in a coastal area where products are hard to find. Please tell me what items are your favorites and their uses. Thanks.

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  1. Yes, worth it, what to order, everything is good, I know that's not a definitive answer but I've honestly never had anything bad from D'Artagnan's. Worth the $$$? I think so. Quality products.

    Mousse Truffée, Pâté de Campagne, Saucisson, Chorizo, Andouille, Merguez, Duck Breasts, Scottish Grouse, Quail and Pheasant covers most of the items I've had and greatly enjoyed.

    1. I love d'artagnan products. They are pricy but the quality is always top notch. Depending on where you live (I'm in NJ) you can dinf their products in some grocery stores. Kings supermarkets and Shoprite both carry some of their items. The duck is superb - great for a special occasion dinner. I very frequently buy their chorizo to make everything from paella to eggs flamenco. It's spicy and smoky and not greasy. It's head and shoulders above other brands of chorizo I've tried. Similarly, I like their Andouille sausages. These I cut into chunks and then skewer with chunks of red bell pepper and shrimp and then throw them on the BBQ. The spicy sausage and shrimp go together great. I once tried their merquez lamb sausages and found them a bit lacking compared to the ones I can get at a lcal butcher.

      D'Artagnan is also a good source for game - rabbit can be hard to find where I live. Their truffle butter is also out of this world. Toss a little with some pasta - yum!

      That's about all I've tried, but whatever you try, know that the quality will be very good. Enjoy!

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        It all sounds so good! Thanks for the suggestions.


        If anyone has a better source, I'm interested to learn about it too.

        1. I used to work there. Yes, they are expensive, but some of their products are fabulous beyond belief. My favorites are the duck legs confit, smoked duck breast pastrami, foie gras terrine and foie gras mousse. Also, if you are into lamb, their boneless loins are perhaps my favorite cut of meat. All of their pates are good, even the less expensive ones. No need to explore their sausages, however. Oh, and their duck "bacon" should also be tried. The magret duck breast is not worth my money, as it is difficult to cook properly (tough and very fatty).

          When I was working there I had a very nice employee discount, so I took twenty or so duck legs confit to a party and cooked them on the grill. They were incredible.

          1. Include me in the chorus singing D'Artagnan's praises. I have some of their wild boar saucisson in the fridge right now. Really delicious.