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Birthday dinner for 10 year old boy

I am looking for a restaurant for my nephew's 10th birthday dinner. 3 adults and 3 kids (9-11 years old). We would like some place fun with good food. I am open to any type of food and the budget is open. I think we will be staying around Times Square, so something in midtown would be ideal but we don't mind going to a different area for a good place. Thanks!

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      Oops, I forgot to mention 2 of the adults don't eat meat

    2. I'll probably get a few laughs at this but what about mars 2112? It's huge alien themed restaurant with games and alien inspired food. Its in Times Square on B'way and 50th I believe. When you enter, there's even a spaceship ride that simulates a "trip" to Mars 2112. I went for a work even when they rented out the place. Cheesy fun fur adults. Could be really fun for kids around 10 years old.


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        Is the food OK? I think the boys would love it, but I've heard bad things about the food.

        1. re: jmcmanaman

          No one has ever said anything good about the food at Mars 2112 on this site.


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            It's a Mars themed restaurant. The food isn't great. It's like a Chili's or TGI Friday's. Maybe slightly less. But, it's definitely fun for kids.


        2. How about the Palm West? Not a kiddie place, yet not "fancy" and great for kids. For your non meat eaters, the fish is terrific! They once even brought my son his shirley temple in a martini glass!

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              actually i take back this suggestion, now that i think about it most the songs the waiters or waittresses sing are older like 60's or so a 10 yr old might not really enjoy it.. BUT if your 10 yr old enjoys singing of any kind i think this place is great. there's a lot of spirit and energy.
              plus they have great milkshakes.

            2. What kinds of kids are they? I have been with 10 year olds at Bouley and I have been with 10 year olds at Paty's Pizzeria and everything in between. It really depends on what kind of kids they are and what they anjoy.

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                They are just regular kids. I don't think Bouley is their idea of fun. I'm trying to find a balance between what the kids would like for a birthday and decent food for the adults. If I could get Bouley food served at Mars 2012, that would be ideal : )

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                  Why not take them to ESPN zone in Times Square? The food will be better there for the adults and the kids. Plus, there will be stuff for everyone to do: Sports on TV, Games for everyone.


              2. How about Osteria del Circo on West 55th? Whimsical decor, pizza and pasta for the kids, as well as a regular menu for adults. Suitable for a birthday, but not too stuffy. The 30 vegetable soup, pizza margherita, seafood, bomboloncini and affogato are quite good. Probably not my first choice for an Italian meal, but kids seem to love it.

                1. Not in Midtown, but I think Otto would be perfect for this occassion.

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                    I like the idea of Otto, Landmarc, and the rec for Chinatown. Some additional ideas:


                  2. I'd take 'em to Chinatown and sit at a big round table and try everything.

                    1. How about Landmarc in the Time Warner Center? Mini ice cream cones and cotton candy for the kids!

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                        I second this rec -- I always see quite a few infants and kids in there, so obviously they are kid-friendly. I'm sure both kids and adults would be happy with the menu. Maybe they'll let you bring a cake in from Bouchon Bakery ;)

                      2. korean bbq at Bann is fun for kids...it's an interactive way of eating...there's plenty of fish and vegetable dishes for the non-meat eating sect.

                        1. Serendipity. Just go early and be prepared to wait. Channel your inner kid and get the foot-long hot dog. Forget dinner and just have sundaes and frozen hot chocolate. I think Mars and Chinese food if he likes that are good ideas too My advice would be to think of it as a kid's bday party - think fun ambiance and experience, don't try for food the adults will really enjoy. I will never forget childhood bday meals at places like Ma Bell's (I seem to recall sitting in a 1920's car and talking on an old fashioned telephone), Jahn's ice cream shop on Long Island with the giant kitchen sink sundae, and Serendipity. Or, if you really want a nice meal, do that, but take him to the ferris wheel at Toys R Us afterwards and give him $25 to spend at the Hershey's store.

                          1. Ruby Foo's might be just what you are looking for. It is very kid friendly, kid friendly food items, fun environment, lots of families, and the food is good enough. Even adults will find something to please them. Lots of finger foods which kids love.

                            1. Wu Liang Ye is Sichuan but not everything is spicy. It's in a neat older NYC townhouse right across from (and this is perfect for a 10 year old boy) the Nintendo store in Rockefeller Center!

                              1. being a vegetarian, i went to korean bbq w my whole family, (grandma, cousins 9, 12, 13, 15(vegetarian too),17, and 3 sets of aunts and uncles, sister who will eat anything/everything, grandpa, and everyone had a great time, the food was good, and it was a very fun experience.

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                                  Korean bbq sounds good. Any suggestions which one?

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                                      i mentioned this above, but not sure you saw it...

                                      korean bbq at Bann is fun for kids...it's an interactive way of eating...there's plenty of fish and vegetable dishes for the non-meat eating sect.

                                      Bann is definitely not the most authentic korean place in Manhattan, but the setting is nicer than the others. Madangsui is also my preferred choice for table bbq. a lot of americans seem to like Kam Gang San best. both are a bit sterile, in my opinion.

                                      1. re: coasts

                                        I've never heard of Bann. Where is it?

                                        It's Kum Gang San, BTW. It's a very beginner-friendly Korean restaurant, but I'd go to a BBQ specialist if I'm gonna have a Korean BBQ.

                                  1. what about Buddhakan or TAO? i think both are in midtown and have a more "lively" atmosphere.... plus Buddhakan is family style, with lots of veggie options!

                                    1. As others said, I love Madangsui for Korean food. Or Joe's Shanghai (there's one on W 56th Street) for soup dumplings.

                                      1. what about benihana?
                                        fun, decent food, not to expensive and a show for the kids built in

                                        1. Has anyone been to Ninja? Is the food OK?

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                                            I have taken my son to Ninja, and actually just popped in to suggest it. I thought the food was good, and it was a HUGE hit with my then 10 year old son. The only thing I would suggest though is to take a close look at the menu. Depending on how adventurous the kids are food-wise, it may not be such a hit. But it would defintely fit the bill for a birthday dinner for the kid that the adults can enjoy too.
                                            My other go to for a fun occasion that includes kids is Landmarc.

                                            179 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

                                            1. re: jmcmanaman

                                              Absurdly overpriced and perhaps the single most ridiculous restaurant in NYC. The food served there would be embarrassed by the most modest Japanese restaurants, but it becomes flat-out insulting at their prices. Do the kids a favor, don't buy into the kitsch, and avoid Ninja like the plague.