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Feb 23, 2010 08:50 AM

Planning Foodie NYC - Montreal Road Trip

Hi all,

I'm going to be driving with some foodie friends from NYC to Montreal in mid-July. We have lots of ideas for our end-points, but any recommendations en route? Restaurant recs always welcome, but also thoughts on farm visits, wine tasting, and other fun stops would be greatly appreciated.



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        1. Since no one seems to be responding here, other than cubanat's list of Montreal restos you didn't ask for, well, I don't know much about Albany and south but there are a number of places worth stopping for in Saratoga and Glens Falls. For example, Mrs. London's is a terrific bakery in SS. If I knew what time you plan on driving through, I could also recommend good lunch and dinner places. Similarly, in GF, I'd recommend Cafe Lazio among other places. North of GF is pretty much a wasteland, food-wise.

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            my bad! I should have read more carfeully but as soon as I read Montreal I got hungry. fly to montreal. well worth the time saving vs. hassle of driving

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              No worries, cubanat! I live in Montreal, and am always looking for new places to go.

              gerchak198, thanks for the recs. We're starting in NYC in the morning, if that gives you an idea of timing. Don't think we'll stopover on the way, unless something exciting (e.g. two necessary lunch stops) obliges us to.

          2. We recently made the drive to Montreal. There is a highlight at the end of this long thread of where we ate in Montreal (thanks to Montreal hounds):


            We usually eat in the city. Outside of the city heading North we usually stop at a diner or grab some Korean food near the GW. There's Hudson. There might also be some eateries in Tarrytown, suggest you do a search of this Board. I'm not familiar with Tarrytown or Hudson (except The Carolina House in Kinderhook),

            Between Albany (thruway, exit 24) and Kingston (thruway, exit 19) there's not much. Maybe Woodstock area, which I'm not familiar with. You might want to stop in Kingston.

            Second gerchak198's rec for Mrs. London's. Only caveat is that you will be able to get delicious croissants, etc. in Montreal. Also agree that there's not much on the food front past GF . . .scenic views of the Adirondacks :


            Albany has The Miss Albany Diner (MAD) if that's your kind of thing. It's a little gem. Only takes cash and not open for dinner. If you want more Albany recs suggest you do a search of the Tristate Board Archives.

            Fine dining (better in Montreal and NYC than Capital Region), smoked meats (you could stop at Oscar's in Warrensburg on the way, or wait until you get to Montreal), cheese, croissants, Montreal style bagels (which I have yet to try) you can get in Montreal.

            Outside of Albany, across the river is Troy. The Troy Farmer's Market is popular, I have not been yet. That should be around Northway/87, exit 7?

            Lake Side Farms and the Jonesville Store. Northway/87, exit 11. The Jonesville Store is good for breakfast or lunch. I like the food at The Jonesville Store better, but they're getting pricey for what they are.

            Saratoga Springs' Broadway (northway/87, exit 13N, and Ballston Spa's Front Street have sidewalks and are nice for a walk if you want to take a break from driving. Front Street does not have the number of eateries and shops that Broadway in S. Springs does.

            A few threads that might be helpful:







            Farmer's markets:


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