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Feb 23, 2010 08:50 AM

The BEST steak in or around Arlington/Dallas...???

I'm going to be in Arlington/Dallas for the Pacquiao fight in March. Looking for the BEST steak house...???
(No car, staying in a hotel near the Stadium, don’t mind public ground transportation)

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  1. Assuming you're talking about Jerry's World.... Cowboy stadium in Arlington? Arlington is about 15 mi west of Dallas. Are you planning to remain local in Arlington (limited on non-chain eats - particularly steak) or will you be venturing into Dallas (MANY more selections)?

    Since Arlington ss in Tarrant County, I'm certain it's not serviced by the Dallas Area buses. I know the train doesn't currently run into Arlington. That only leaves cab service to shuttle you into Dallas or to the nearest train station - north on 360, just south of 183 where you could catch The Trinity Rail Express train to either Dallas or Ft. Worth - then on to buses (or in Dallas, further Dart train service). However, train service does not run all night, in fact, I think it stops fairly early, so you would have to take that into account also.

    Dallas Area Rapid Transit - Trains and bus service

    Ft. Worth Transit - train linking Dallas and Ft. Worth (Trinity Rail Express

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      Yes...Jerry's world...

      The DART will be accessible to me, and I won’t mind taking it into Dallas. My preliminary recon has turned up Del Frisco’s and Bob’s Steak/Chop…any opinions on either, or anything better/more interesting in Dallas…???


      1. re: ryu27

        Del Frisco's and Bob's are both fantastic steakhouses, but both have gone national, meaning only that it sounds like you're coming out here for maybe the first time, so maybe you're looking for a more uniquely regional place. That is, if you're from Denver, you can always go to Del Frisco's in Denver...

        Pappas is a great Texas-only choice (unless you're from Houston). I also love Nick and Sam's, they are only in Dallas. But you can ask 10 other people and get 10 different opinions, and they'd all be right. There are some great steakhouses out here.

        1. re: healthyscratch

          I'm coming in from Chicago; where we have a number of own great steak houses. However, having never traveled to the Lone Star State before, it would be regrettable to not sample a nice steak & bbq joint (local or high-end chain) while I’m there. I will be traveling with a fellow foodie, and we are looking for a sampling of the best spots for all things that walk on hooves…

          1. re: ryu27

            If you're foodies, I would suggest looking for great steak outside steak houses. I suggest Local for an amazing, grass-fed, home-grown steak. I've also had great steak at Nana, but I prefer a 'real' restaurant experience (Nana is in the Anatole).

            I typically order tenderloin, and I actually don't like it at Pappas Bros., although they do have great lobster (and black bean soup). Some people love the atmosphere there, but I find it contrived (and designed, as I suppose most steak houses are, to appeal to a male clientele--their audience seems to be quite heavy on the sales guys).

            If you want to know where everyone went after the show 'Dallas' wrapped, I believe they're at III Forks ;) Not my favorite either, though they do great creamed corn there.

            1. re: foiegras

              I haven't had the creamed corn at III Forks, but if it's the same as what is served at Silver Fox (and I'm betting it is), then yeah, it's fantastic...

        2. re: ryu27

          If you plan to use public transportation, coming from Arlington you'll likely be accessing both Ft Worth's transit (The-T) and Dallas' transit (DART). You'd buy a "day pass" which is recognized by both systems.

          The-T supports the Trinity Rail Express (TRE) which is the Dallas/Ft. Worth rail connector. Once in Ft. Worth, there are buses to get around the city.

          In Dallas buses circulate through out the city and burbs. The (electric) light is a bit limited with most lines running basically north and south. All lines (including the TRE) converge in downtown Dallas at Union Station. The buses have a terminal at West End, the first rail stop (north) from Union Station. Dallas also has a free short-run trolly which runs north on McKinney with access to multiple restaurants.

          Unless your Dallas destination is right on the light rail line, you'll likely be needing to take the TRE, the light rail AND a bus, probably followed by some amount of walking - unless you opt for a cab at any point. Hate to paint a grim transit picture, but Dallas is a late comer to public transportation and unfortunately, is still a little awkward at it.

          Enjoy the fight.

          1. re: CocoaNut

            If you find yourself looking for something in Arlington as a secondary meal, I'd mention Olenjack's grill - I've only eaten there once for lunch and was very pleased with the food, HOWEVER, our service was so bad it was laughable - literally! Seems to be the same problem echoed on other review sites also. But FWIW..... Hopefully, some new, better caliber eateries will enter the picture with the stadium now there.


      2. Arlington has no place that anyone would rave about for the classic steakhouse experience. Recommend Del Frisco's in downtown Fort Worth... consistently ranked as the top steakhouse in Tarrant County.

        If you're intent on going to Dallas, however, Del Frisco's has another location in Addison as does Chamberlain's, both of which are excellent but are further away from Cowboy Stadium than Fort Worth (and completely inaccessible by public transit).

        You may wish to follow CocoaNut's suggestions and take a cab to the Trinity Rail Express, which can take you to Fort Worth... or take a cab directly to Fort Worth.

        1. III Forks in Dallas, check out their website,


          1. Do yourself a favor and rent a car with a GPS.

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            1. re: Grovite

              I agree here. It'd be worth the $50/day or whatever it is. DFW is terrible to try and navigate using public transportation. Cabs are expensive and its so spread out.

            2. Bob's FTW! Once you try the cote de beef and the glazed carrot you will never want to go anywhere else. Be sure to get the spinach, you will thank me.