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Hunan House (flushing) - been recently?

Mainly wondering if anyone had fish head. When I first went a couple weeks after they opened I was a bit disappointed to see they cut it into large chunks instead of splaying it. Otherwise the taste was great. Sounds nit picky but it's so much nicer to be able to pick meat off the whole head, saving the best parts for last.

Has anyone had those wild chinese mushrooms there? No idea what they are, but they're brown and string and a bit chewy. Dryer than a standard mushroom.

Any other favs there? I'm gonna head back soon.

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  1. I ate there recently and it was wonderful as usual. Ordered many. many dishes. Hunan House is one of my favorite restaurants.


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    1. re: Pookipichu

      am I the only one interested in Fish Head?

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        I liked their fish head when they first opened. Unlike you, I liked that the head was chopped open - the chunks of exposed flesh were fairly large. The flesh I pick off a whole head just aren't as rewarding.

        1. re: Joe MacBu

          Does anyone have a pic of the fish head in chunks? When I went we were served a half head like this:

          1. re: ChiefHDB

            ooooh that's how I want it.

            @ Joe MacBu - I find it's easier to get all the meat off when it's whole, there's lots of goodness under the bones, and when it's chopped you can't tell what's what. Harder to save the best for last.

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              The chopped up head they used to serve must have come from a giant fish. The chunks were like 1.5 inches per side and had big nuggets of meat inside - very easy to eat. They must use very different fish for the two prep styles.

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                Thanks for the clarification Joe.

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                  yeah they were big pieces, I still like it whole. Fish heads I've had in china are huge and served whole. Just my preference. The iron dish below is at least 24" across.

      2. Was there with a group yesterday - had a spectacular meal - so much so that after we left to go shopping at the Great Wall supermarket across the street (love it there too) we went back and had more of their pickled cabbage, the tea-smoked duck which was the best I've ever had outside Asia, and the slippery tofu - 2" squares of fresh doufu in a thin spicy red sauce with scallions. More on the main event later. The place is not only not slipping, I think it's even better than it was last summer.

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        1. i went there recently and had a blow out dinner. The ginger scallion lobster was very good.. The fried crab was awesome..They have this eggplant dish that comes with pork and a little egg.. The eggplant is covered in a miso glaze or something sweet.. it might have been better than the lobster and crab.. Fish heads were wonderful.. Another dish I had only recently was the wate spinach bottoms with dried shrimp heads.. This was a wonderful dish that went well in an omelette the next day.. I think this place is just awesome.

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            The eggplant with salted duck egg was one of the dishes we had. Terrific.

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              was the fish head served whole? How spicy was it?

            2. A recent post Lunar new year visit to Hunan House revealed that Alan Li and his crew continue to deliver excellent food. A small group of us settled into one of the large round tables and ordered seven dishes.

              The top two were Beef with Crisp Pepper and Cabbage in Fry Wok. XLB are not as good as found elsewhere. Last December, Joe DiStefano wrote about the Beef with Crisp Pepper Dish. In Chinese on their menu it is 黃飛鴻椒炒牛肉-Huáng Fēihóng jiāochǎo niúròu – Beef with Crisp Pepper. Joe so liked the dish he ordered it twice. I'll do the same next time.

              The name is from a popular figure in contemporary Chinese culture named Huang Feihong. Today it is a popular after school snack: peanuts and hot dried peppers. In 2009, the former M&T Qingdao restaurant on Kissena first incorporated this snack into two dishes there – a fish dish and a chicken one.


              Huang Feihong:

              Huang Feihong Snack Pack:

              Chopsticks and Marrow – Joe DiStefano

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                Looks delicious, thanks for sharing

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                  Do you like it better than Hunan Kitchen on Main St.? If so, which specific dishes? My favorite at H.K. is the (misnamed) 水煮豆干 and the 百椒牛肉 9which might be the same basic dish as the Beef with Crisp Pepper (but I doubt it).

                  1. re: swannee

                    I've not been back to HK of GS in a very long time. Hunan House has more tables - I think HK of GS has only one large round table. Am pretty sure if they were using the Huang Feihong snack in a dish they would announce it.

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                    I'm glad to hear they're back in business (they were closed for a while, correct?) and on top of their game. We love their food.

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                      If you are referring to Hunan Kitchen, I wasn't aware that they had ever closed. I last ate there just before the holidays, so it has been a couple of months. If anyone has news, please post!

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                        Buttertart was referring to Hunan House which closed for renovations and looks much nicer than before.

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                        Yes, they renovated the interior. Food is as good as I ever remember it.

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                          I'm particularly glad because the last time we went to Hunan Manor on Lex the food was decidedly unterrific. The pao cai was good but the rest went downhill from there (pickled green beans with ground pork tasted heavily of cinnamon...cinnamon?).

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                            I definitely need to go. Is it farther from the Main St. 7 train than HK of GS?

                            1. re: swannee

                              It's a few blocks' walk north on Main St and one block to the right (east) on Northern Blvd. Maybe 7 minutes or so.

                              1. re: swannee

                                It's maybe a wee bit father, HK of GS is a straight shot. According to gmaps, it's the same distance.

                                1. re: Pookipichu

                                  Hm, I had gotten the impression it was farther out. Maybe just because my feet are familiar with the trail I've beaten to HH...

                                  1. re: buttertart

                                    OK, gotta go. I read Northern Blvd. and somehow think that car is necessary.

                                    1. re: swannee

                                      It's an easy walk from Roosevelt and Main.