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Feb 23, 2010 07:51 AM

Budget corned beef sandwich

Is there a good deli that sells a corned beef sandwich for less than $10 in Manhattan or down the L line? I was recently bemoaning the fact that the only place I can get one where I work is the 2nd Ave. Deli, which wants $15 for a sandwich! Has NYC failed me?

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  1. Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market maybe? Good luck.

    1. Not a Jewish style deli but Stage Restaurant on 2nd Ave. does a fresh steamed corned beef sandwich for like $6. I've never actually had the corned beef so I'm not saying it's any good, but I'm a big fan of Stage for other things and last time I was in I saw a few people ordering it and it looked good.

      (This might be on Thursday's only.)

      1. Sarge's on third ave and 36th st has a 1/2 sand and soup lunch special around $10 its enough meat for a week...