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Feb 23, 2010 07:19 AM

Happy Hour

My best friend and I love trying happy hours, especially at places we can't typically afford. We've tried a few and have some on our list (The Source), but I was wondering if anyone else knows of some really good ones. They need to be in DC or Maryland, due to where we work and being able to make it in time for happy hour. We are really open on cuisine and love happy hours that have specials on wines or interesting cocktails. Thank you!

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  1. Some I've tried lately and liked:

    Zaytinia ($4.00 wine/beer and mezza specials)
    Ceiba ($5 cocktails - and a half price bar food menu)
    Masa 14 (I loved the vegetarian hand roll and the mussels)
    Ping Pong dim sum (before 5:00 - half price cocktails and several $3 plates BUT the char sui pork buns are the only things I've had here and loved - if they are not a special, don't hang around - go to PS7 around the corner)
    PS7 - $4 wine and half price flatbread - very creative cocktails but they are full-price as are their tuna sliders which are delicious!

    Check the restaurant's website before going to see when their happy hours start and finish - they are all different.

    Zengo DC is said to have a good one - I haven't been there yet.

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      These are great suggestions. Add Oya to the list. They get extra points for going until 8.

    2. I just read in the paper this morning that Brasserie Beck does a happy hour Thurs. - Sat. or Sun. starting at 10:30 p.m. Half price Belgian beer ($2 - $5) and oysters ($14 for a dozen or $7 for a half I believe was what the article said).

      Brasserie Beck
      1101 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

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        Beck is a rip-off, a supposedly modest cafe charging high-end prices.. At happy hour, the bar is a small crowded meet market, with kids paying too much for small glasses of "bargain" beers. (their regular prices are a complete rip-off).
        The article is a bit outdated. There are many better happy hours. As far as happy hour $2 beer, good luck - you won't find them, even if they are listed on the menu, they will be "out". Maybe $4 happy hour beer if you are lucky and go for the lowest priced beer. They only sell fancy mostly overpriced foreign and boutiquish beers - no lousy Flying Dog or Sierra Nevada here!
        The regular prices for oysters (origins unknown) are $16 for 6 and $32 for 12 (another rip-off, the same that the higher quality Central charges), with half price at happy hour, which puts it in the reasonable range for the quality you get. (For example, Old Ebbit charges $24 for 12 with a mix-and-match choice of several great assuredly fresh oysters, and Black's, which is equivalent to Beck has happy hour Chesapeake oysters for $1 each.)
        Again, Becks verges on being a total rip-off.

        1. If you're in Baltimore, try Flemings Steakhouse. They have a special called 5-6-7. $5 signature cocktails and $6 appetizers until 7:00. Cool thing is its offered 7 days per week. Downside is parking in the area can be problematic at times. Ra Sushi also has a 7 day a week happy hour, which starts at 3.

          1. I did happy hour last night at Ris. From 4:00 - 6:30 they have some drink specials for $4-6 (I had a peach iced tea concoction that was delicious - and just the thing in this heat). They have a few food items for $6 as well. I had the slider deuce - one cheeseburger and one salmon BLT which was good if a bit strange. Later on, after the happy hour when my friends had arrived, I had another cocktail, the Dark and Stormy. I had never had this drink before so I can't compare it with other versions around town, but this drink was magnificent - if you love hot ginger (I mean the heat that comes from peppery ginger, not temperature) this is the drink for you. The bartender there said it was the best drink they make. If you are a fan of the Dark and Stormy, try this one! I'm going to have to start doing some Dark and Stormy taste-tasting -- all in the interests of science, of course.