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Feb 23, 2010 07:12 AM

Philadelphia PA beer filled weekend

I'm heading to Philly for my birthday and The Philly beer festival on March 6. I've been to Monks, and plan on hitting SPTR and Eulogy...any other ideas for places NOT to miss? I'm looking for those with top notch selection and or a unique experience as my girlfriend will be with. I appreciate the help!

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  1. Standard Tap (2nd & Poplar) is an institution. I believe it was Philly's first gastropub celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year. Recently expanded tap list featuring all local beers and impressive food.

    Brauhaus Schmitz (between 7th & 8th on South) is currently our only beerhall in the center city area. Rare and fresh doppelbocks, helles, dunkels and other lager beers from Germany on tap is why I visit often. Food is typical German plates.

    Memphis Tap Room (2331 East Cumberland St) features a moderately sized but eclectic beer selection (e.g. cask bitter, Flemish Sour, English Pale, DIPA) and memorable food. The brussel sprout soup I can there was incredible.


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      Standard Tap was another I was looking at, but as for the other you mentioned, thanks!

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        ST has a sister bar called Johnny Brenda's on Girard & Frankford Ave. Basically the same tap list with a little younger vibe and a little less ambitious food. They also have live bands on the 2nd floor. Small but nice lines of sight.

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          I'm in a huge Belgian phase right now....which makes Monks perfect. I would like to visit The Belgian Cafe which is the sister theo Monks, correct? I've heard of Johnny Brendas also. I really need to visit Philly more than I do!

    2. I'll add some local beers not to miss including:
      Stoudt's Pilsner
      Victory Wild Devil
      Victory Uncle Teddy's Bitter
      Weyerbacher Heresy 
      Weyerbacher Double Simcoe

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        Thanks...I'm from Allentown, so I've had those (in fact Weyerbacher is 15 mins from me, take a tour if you ever can, it is fantastic!!) I've also been to the Victory brewpub, and hope to visit Stoudts, I love the Scarlet Lady....

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          Dave, one of my favorite places is Local 44 (it's in West Philly) and they usually have an amazing selection of drafts and the selection is usually really well-edited so that they have a ton of styles represented. Plus, the bar is super long and they have a dining room so it's usually easy to get a seat and the bartenders are super friendly.

          The owner also owns Resurrection, which is smaller but another fave since I like Belgians too, in particular sours which they usually carry:

          Finally, Devil's Den always has a solid selection and lots of Belgians.

          I second the Standard Tap, love that place. If you happen to be at the Tap and feel like bar hopping or your girlfriend is a cocktail/wine type of gal, you can walk a block up the street to the "Swift Half" pub afterwards which still has very good beer but much more in terms of a selection of cocktails, etc. They have a decent draft list, but their bottles I think are even better (especially if you are into Belgians).

          In addition, Varga Bar is a fave of mine for managing to hit location (so close to tons of fun stuff!), food (really good and the kitchen stays open late), and a large selection of brews.

          If you're looking just for Belgians or more "rare" finds though try the other places I suggested, in particular Devil's Den or hit Monk's/Belgian Cafe. I'm not keen on the atmosphere at Belgian Cafe but their list is quite impressive. Have a great time! I am jealous :)

      2. Oh boy...just thought of another "can't miss." When you go to Standard Tap, it's imperative you hit "The Foodery." It's a store that sells individual beers--everything your heart could dream of--tons are chilled so you can actually buy a bottle there, sit at a table and drink it (they also have a small deli that makes sammys) OR buy a bunch of warm ones to stockpile and take home with you. The location near Standard Tap is the 2nd and Poplar one:

        1. Good Dog Bar on 15th Between Locust & Walnut is always a great central spot for Beer Week, lots of great beers & Beer Week events from some great brewers from all over. All the brewers hang out there, plus there's lots of great beer bars within walking distance.

          Oh yeah... don't forget to get the Good Dog Burger if you go... best buger in Philly.