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Feb 23, 2010 06:52 AM

anything worth stopping for on the drive from San Diego to Palm Springs? ANY rec's appreciated.

Doesn't matter what kind of food. I tried searching the boards but nothing. We are "hosting" some people on the ride so would appreciate not taking a total stab in the dark.

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  1. If you're taking the 215 to the 10, then Ravi's India Cuisine in Colton (near the junction of the 2 freeways) has good Indian food, including dosas. They were my first introduction to Indian food, which helped me distinguish Americanized Indian from non-Americanized Indian.

    Further east along the 10 is A Dong, a Vietnamese place in Loma Linda. Literally seconds off the Mountain View exit. Solidly decent Vietnamese run by a family. Closed on Sundays.

    Redlands is also between SD and PS, along the 10 freeway. The have a small offering of decent eateries. I've seen posts on it on the "California" board, so you might want to search over there.

    Once you pass Redlands/Yucaipa, the offerings are far and few in between, except for fast food, until you hit PS.

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      very grateful daantaat, the indian and vietnamese places sound perfect.

    2. Why take what is a 2 hour ride and turn it into a 4 hour ride. Rush to Palm Springs and eat there,