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Feb 23, 2010 06:39 AM

Brunch with Parents in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

Parents, siblings and thier significant others are all coming to Brooklyn on Sunday for brunch. I am looking for a resturant in the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill neighborhoods that can easily accomodate for a party of 8.

If no brunch options - perhaps a place with a good lunch menu.


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  1. Jolie on Atlantic betw. Smith and Hoyt has some big tables and a good brunch menu

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    1. re: salmonskin

      I recently went to Jolie for brunch and thought that it was quite good.

      1. re: StheJ

        I've only been once for brunch, and it was last year, but I was very disappointed in the food ...dried out tiny bits of corned beef in my hash and rather boring menu. It is quite big, so it would certainly be a reasonable option for 8...but nothing special.

        We had a good brunch at Union Smith last weekend, though that's the only meal of the day I would eat there (dinner wasn't good the one time I had it there). Watty and Meg would be another good choice and I've always enjoyed the food there. Char is great but too small. Chestnut would probably work though I find the food hit or miss. Apt 138 could handle 8 if you can deal with the hit or miss service (brunch food is generally tasty, esp fruit stuffed french toast).

    2. 8 people really isn't that big a deal for most NYC restaurants as long as you call ahead. In fact, most of the places in the area you describe will ONLY take reservations for parties of 6 or more.

      Here are a few more options:

      Buttermilk Channel (contemporary)
      Robin Du Bois (eclectic)
      Bar Tabac (french)

      1. Will children be included? Union Smith is an easygoing restaurant that is good for children. In addition, the blog Eat It talks about several very good local brunch options.

        1. Union Smith is terrible. I've lived in the neighborhood for 7 years and the best places are actually the newer ones:

          Frankies 457 (ok, not that new)
          Prime Meats
          Buttermilk Channel
          Char No 4 (but only if no one is a vegetarian)
          Clover Club

          I think most of these places will take a reservation for a table for 8.

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          1. re: scarlet starlet

            Agreed. Union Smith has terrible food and worse service. I've been fooled into going there a few times because it's kid-friendly, but it's just not worth it. Avoid.

            1. re: oolah

              I actually have generally good experiences there with the food (though service is totally inconsistent). We go there quite a bit. Also agree that it is a good choice with kids. I know this is a bit late to the game given the brunch already happened, but wanted to comment for posterity! That said, Prime Meats is my favorite for brunch (again, food wise - have had awful service there twice when it was not crowded) and I like Bar Tabac, too. Or Luluc - especially for the pancakes. Think they are cash only, though.

          2. I like Le Petite Cafe on Court down near 4th Place. It's really cute.

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            1. re: MRich

              I second that. Really unexpected, pretty, all-weather (enclosed) garden out back. The food isn't terribly unique, but it tastes good enough, large menu and reasonable prices. Plus, they accommodate special requests.