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Feb 23, 2010 05:57 AM

Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs -- delisted at Shoppers?

My husband was in our local Shoppers in East York and they were nowhere to be found. Only their Life Brand ones were available. They were there two weeks ago, now they aren't.

Anyone have some insight to this?

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  1. Zero insight for you, but I noticed this myself a few days ago. The life brand eggs were prominently displayed, but I couldn't find a Cadbury creme egg in the place. I guess they can do whatever they want, but is it possible that they're not carrying them at all? Have you tried the Life Brand eggs? Are they comparable?

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    1. re: 1sweetpea

      Did try the Life Brand eggs. The texture of the filling is more syrupy than the Cadbury ones which I find to be thicker with a bit of a grainy texture. Cadbury eggs are one of my guilty pleasures -- I don't think I'll buy the LIfe Brand ones again.

    2. I noticed the same thing today at the King & Peter location. Lots of Life brand eggs, as well as Caramilk eggs, but no Cadburys. They did have the mini Cadbury eggs in bags, but those aren't as good IMO.

      I did find some at the Queen & Carlaw location a week or so ago, so maybe it's just a distribution issue.

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      1. re: jayzie1

        Okay, found 'em at a Shopper's Drug Mart here in Windsor. If they're in stock, they're being displayed far less prominently than the Life brand knock-offs. Next issue: when did the size shrink to 34g? They used to be much larger than that. Is this just a readjustment of serving sizes or a cash grab (price is no lower)?

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          You want them larger?! As soon as you bite into these eggs your teeth crack and disintegrate from the sugar. Maybe in my middle ages I'm just getting too sensitive to sweets, but man when I was just a kid I couldn't get enough of those eggs. I gotta slowly eat one over a couple of days or I go into shock. As for the Life brands I find them grainy.

          1. re: scarberian

            I am pretty sure I saw CCE at COSTCO (opposite Yorkdale Mall across the 401) today.

            1. re: scarberian

              It's not that I need the eggs to be larger. I just want them to be the size they used to be. I don't believe this is the first downsizing, by the way. I remember a much larger product from my childhood.

            2. re: 1sweetpea

              I noticed the size shrunk this year as well -- probably a cash grab (I do believe lots of items like cereal and cheese have been quietly downsized as well).

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                I notices this too! CCE's are my annual guilty pleasure and this year they seemed noticeably smaller.

            3. I only saw Life brand mini eggs as well.

              Luckily I have stockpiled Cadbury creme eggs (39 grams - 180 calories!) since last year!

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              1. re: Food Tourist

                Yes, they're down to 34g now - but available at the Shoppers (on Dupont (@ Spadina) @$1.39 or a 3-pack for $2.99. Fewer calories too!
                I couldn't keep mine for more than a few weeks - partially lack of self-control and partially that they seem to 'ferment' after a few weeks - sort of contain bubbles plus a tang. Actually quite pleasant in a weird way.

                1. re: estufarian

                  lol, maybe you can "age" them and then profit! Like the Dom of Cadbury eggs....

                  ... maybe not.

                  1. re: jlunar

                    I'm actually working on an 'inside' link - a relative works for Kraft.

                    1. re: estufarian

                      you know, I was running this through my head jokingly - thinking about it coming in a special wooden box, wrapped in real gold foil, made with single-origin dark chocolate, some fleur de sel...

                      And then I thought, hey, I would eat that....! Then proceeded to ponder if I could make my own "eggs"... hehehe

                      1. re: jlunar

                        I bet Soma or one of the local chocolatiers might make gourmet creme eggs for Easter -- anyone ever seen that offered?

                  2. re: estufarian

                    Huh. I've never noticed the fermentation but I have noticed that fresh eggs have smoother runny "yolks" whereas old eggs are pretty solid and grainy.

                    1. re: Food Tourist

                      The downsize is not a cash grab at all. You are going to find this in every food item out there over the next year. Consumers do not want to pay more for their food - period. So the only thing left for companies to do is make the packaging and the product smaller. Having a little bit of insider knowledge on this let me share a bit with you.

                      Wheat has gone up drastically - prices had to go up (no choice)
                      Suger has tripled (yes tripled) in price over roughly 1 year ago. It is going to go higher this year as well.

                      You will start to see all chocolate bars and very sugar based products either be shrunk in size (what is happening) or more expensive (which the consumer will have no part of).

                      Even things like mustard (1/3 smaller package, same price), worchestershire sauce, salt (doubled in six months), spices, etc have all gone up in price.

                      (please don't shoot the messenger).

                      1. re: BusterRhino

                        Thanks for the heads up BR, that is somewhat disturbing news. I love the CCEs and actually prefer the smaller size. It's a bit less overwhelming and enjoyable than the bigger size. I've seen them at both the Shoppers at Charles and Yonge as well as Dundas Square basement near Dundas TTC Entrance. They're sorta hidden and quantities seem much lower than usual with tons of LB in easy view.

                2. Just came back from the SDM at Kingston and Whites in Pickering. They had both Life Brand and Cadbury. So no idea why other locations took them off but not ours.

                  1. What's worse is reading this thread made me crave a cadbury easter creme egg (I am on a diet!!) and I called my husband to pick up one on his way home from work at Yonge & Bloor - he said he checked 4 convenient stores in the area and not one had them.

                    Is there a run on these things?

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                    1. re: Apple

                      Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for a dieter during the gloomy days of winter, Apple. Sorry if I contributed to your craving in any way. If it's any consolation, 2 of the eggs in the 3-pack I bought were a bit crystallized and crunchy. I hate that. Even worse is when the egg has oozed a bit and the foil wrap totally adheres to the egg. Bit of a letdown, except for the one good one in the pack, which was just as I remembered the creme eggs of my childhood.

                      1. re: 1sweetpea

                        I found them... but not at Shopper's.... I found them at my local convenience, Harry's Convenience on Gerrard between Woodbine and Coxwell. They are fresh and they are going to savoured after dinner tonight.

                        When I was young, I used to like the creme eggs when they were crystallized and crunchy - I would lick all the filling off the foil. Now my palate has matured and I prefer the smooth creaminess of the filling. ;)