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Feb 23, 2010 05:41 AM

Toro for RW 2010

Has anyone checked out the 2010 RW menu at Toro?

For those who haven't, the deal (for 2) is: choose 2 pinchos and 5 tapas plus a choice of two deserts.

In addition, some of the more expensive pinchos/tapas have an additional charge (ie. the foi gras & pork belly)

By my math, the price of 66.20 is more expensive than if you order the 5 most expensive tapas and 2 pinchos a la carte if you add the additional charges to the select RW menu items

It's even worse if you go as a group of 4 rather than 2.

I thought that RW was supposed to provide an opportunity for people to try expensive restaurants at a cheaper price point? I guess you get a discounted churo at the end of the meal, but his doesn't seem like much of a deal at all...

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  1. The big reason to hit Toro during RW is reservations. It's an awesome kitchen, but a pain in the ass to dine at most of the time with that no-reservations policy.

    Estragon takes a similar approach for RW, doing a slightly limited menu and offering diners a progression of tapas (five, if memory serves). This is a good deal and still true to the non-RW experience there.

    See? I don't totally hate Restaurant Week.