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Feb 23, 2010 05:36 AM

how is bistro 1051 in clark?

I am thinking of having a party there and was looking for some feedback on it? thanks!

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  1. I have the same question. Has anyone been?

    1. They bill themselves as an "Italian seafood grill & sushi bar".


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      1. re: tommy

        I'm there every day as it is on my mail route. I've only eaten there once though. I had a quick lunch of flat bread pizza, which was very good. My daughter loves sushi and said theirs is fresh and better than the place she usually goes to in Cranford. A friend of mine who does not eat sushi goes with his wife and friends. He eats Italian food while they go for sushi. According to my friend, they do both well. Nice place, good atmosphere. I think it would be worth a try. In the same strip mall as Deli King, an excellent kosher deli and restaurant.

        1. re: hotdoglover

          I'm going there in a couple of weeks. I'll report back. (I know this is over a year old, but figured why start a new post). In the meantime if anyone has anything to add, please do.

          1. re: michele cindy

            Just a note, never got there, we were supposed to go the night of the hurricaine.

      2. A bunch of us are working the UC Music Fest and the Crossroads after-party in Garwood and Bistro 1051 are on our lunch radar during the run. So, we'll report back on Bistro 1051.

        1. I went to this place yesterday. It looks pretty spartan, but the food was wonderful. Had one of the best Branzino dishes in a long long time. Grilled perfectly, wonderful lemon caper sauce. Excellent lobster bisque. Grilled salmon good.

          Food is excellent, service very good, place could use a sprucing up decoratively, though. I would go back there, and would recommend.