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Feb 23, 2010 05:36 AM

where to eat in Rajasthan

i'm currently In Udaipur and am deciding what cities in Rajasthan to visit will definitely be a deciding factor so i wanted to ask if you guys have any can't-miss eateries you can recommend.


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  1. Here's my post from our 2007 that covers the Rajasthan bit (among other places)

    Of the places we ate in Rajasthan, the meals at the Aodi Hotel (Kumbalgarh) where we stopped for lunch and at Bharatpur were the most memorable and it was extremely pleasant to deal with people who were happy and proud to serve the food the way they liked it not watered down for tourists. .I highly recommend Kumbalgarh and Ranakpur as destinations if you can fit them in, likewise Fatepur Sikri (no food recc there). Rohet Garh (not cheap - I dont know if they serve incomers) was also very interesting, quite good food considering the mass production (buffet) service, but with intersting visits to see the traditional way of life. As you may note from the post we mostly did not eat at dhabas and street stalls, so our challenges were breaking through and getting real, tasty food.

    Really looking forward to your report!

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      aw thanks! just read it...turns out i may have to cut rajasthan short but will follow your advice when i can :)