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Feb 23, 2010 05:20 AM

Brancaccio's Food Shop (Windsor Terrace / Kensington)

This lovely little shop is on Fort Hamilton Parkway just a couple of blocks from the F train. Stumbled upon it on Sunday... it's mainly prepared food and baked goods to take out, but there is also a small assortment of Italian groceries (pastas, biscuits, sodas, etc.)

Everything is made daily and there seemed to be 4-5 meat/fish dishes, the same number of pastas / risottos, and maybe 6-7 vegetable dishes. Everything is sold by the pound. My wife and I decided to pick up something for dinner, and here's what we got for $25:

Hanger steak in red wine / rosemary sauce
Glazed pork chops
Truffle mashed potatoes
Orechiette in tomato sauce
Brussels sprouts
Roasted tomatoes

Everything was really good. I don't know if I'd go there every night of the week, but for the same amount we would have spent on delivery we got a really enjoyable meal, one that felt more homemade and crafted that your typical take out. A great option if you live nearby and want to pick up something on the way home from work.

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  1. sounds great, too bad they are closed Tuesdays or I'd run right over! Maybe tomorrow.

    more info here:
    and here

    1. We got some take out from there. Everything was very good. Recommended.

      1. This past Sunday we had a rotisserie chicken made with Italian herbs and seasonings that was very good. It was nice and juicy, had lots of flavor, and the chickens were on special that day for $6.00 each. You can't go wrong at that price!

        We had broccoli sauteed in garlic and olive oil as one side, and roasted fingerling potatoes and carrots as another side. Everything was good, and not very expensive.

        The food at this place is prepared with love. Joe obviously loves to cook.

        1. I'm just bumping this thread to keep Brancaccio's on the radar. We picked up dinner from here last night for the first time in a few months, probably the 5th time altogether, and it was as good as ever. We had:

          Double bacon mac and cheese -- unbelievable, as good or better than their truffled mac and cheese that gets a lot of justified praise. Reheating it in the microwave spreads the bacon flavor perfectly without turning the mac mushy.

          Chicken salad with apples and raisins-- I love chicken salad but am disappointed by it more often than not when I order it in a new place. This was as close to my platonic ideal as it gets-- tangy, with just the right balance of salt, sweet and crunch. Better than mom's.

          Broccoli Rabe - good, not my favorite veggie they do (that would be the brussels sprouts, which I fear may be gone until next winter), but I wouldn't kick it out of bed.

          Brownie -- huge and delicious, as good as mom's -- I won't say better twice in one post.

          Anybody who lives in Windsor Terrace / Kensington / Greenwood and doesn't get food from this place is nuts. It's not super cheap, but as the OP says, no more expensive than ordering an app and entree from one of our few, mediocre delivery options, and infinitely better. With most prepared food, I feel that I (or my girlfriend, to be more accurate) could make a tastier version if we took the time to buy the ingredients and cook. That is not the case here. This place deserves to be around forever.

          I haven't tried their rotisserie chicken or sandwiches but can't wait to do so. Looks from the website like they've started limited delivery, too. I just hope we're in their range.

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            Yeah, I have to say that this place is a MOST WELCOME addition to our neighborhood choices (or lack thereof). Agree on the chicken salad, probably the best I've ever had. The farro with truffle oil and mushroom is so good, I crave it and am sorely disappointed when he doesn't make it. Everything I've tried is really good but the sandwiches leave a bit to be desired. They are smallish and not special compared to the prepared foods, and a bit on the expensive side for mostly bread. Stick with the prepped foods, much more bang for your buck! I must try the rotisserie chicken too! The truffle mac and cheese is pretty out of control too, and he has this AMAZING ginger beer in the fridge that I am now hooked on. I think he is planning a sit down place within the next couple of years - MAN do we need that!!

            1. re: darilitch

              He does wonders with farro! I usually think of it as a pretty dull ingredient, but I had his farro and beet salad the other week, and it was outta sight -- subtle, tasty, and you feel virtuous for eating it!

              Interesting about the sandwiches -- thanks for the tip. I've been meaning to try them, even more since they got that little NYT mention, but now maybe I'll just stick to the prepared foods. Why pull your starter when he's pitching a perfect game? Although I will say that I've had the meatballs a la carte and they were delish, so I don't know if I can resist getting a hero sometime.

          2. I must be working too much. Apparently Brancaccios has been in my neighborhood for 8 months, and I just discovered it today! So, I decided to try a little of this, and a little of that. First things first: an egg and fontina sandwich with dried italian sausage on toasted ciabatta. YUM. And as other posters have said, it was a little on the expensive side, but I could have saved half for the next day as it was quite large, but I had no self-control. I ordered the following takeout items:

            Roasted tomato--tasted like it had herbs and parm on it.
            Broccoli rabe--basic, but good
            Lentil salad--delicately flavored with I think, olive oil
            Beet salad with either fennel or perhaps farro?

            I took everything home and later warmed it up in a conventional oven at 400. My little veggie feast was delightful. I am so happy we have a place like this in the neighborhood. It's great that it's within walking distance where I don't have to get in my car and go to Fairway or drive around the Slope for 45 minutes looking for parking just to get a few items for dinner. I hope Brancaccios is here to stay! BTW, the chef said he changes the menu twice daily. So, I guess he has more lunchy type things in the afternoon and then cooks for dinner?